5 Things to know for new IDENA Users

By BayuSam | BAYUNUGROHO MEDIA | 11 Oct 2020


IDENA has been used by several people in the internet world for more than one year. Until now, IDENA Node and Client are still under development, so you will find many bugs when running IDENA. The current development is that the IDENA team and developers are working on Oracle which is expected to be completed in Q4 2020

I think 4500+ people know how IDENA works, from creating a flip, validation, report flip, activating IDENA mining, transferring IDNA coins, looking for an invite code and so on. Many people are helped by the existence of IDENA which provides income to the limited cryptocurrency community by mining equipment in the Proof Of Work algorithm. The majority of the cryptocurrency community also doesn't have enough money to stake on the Masternode / Proof Of Stake algorithm.

IDENA is completely new

I haven't found anything similar with IDENA. The algorithm used by IDENA is Proof of Person (POP) where everyone has the same opportunity to mine on the IDENA blockchain network and start earning daily income. You don't need a computer with high specifications, because everyone gets the same mining results and is not affected by CPU or GPU speed. IDENA nodes only require 2GB RAM specifications for Linux users and 4GB RAM for Windows users, as well as internet that is online for 24 hours with the recommended data transfer speed of 100Mbps.

You don't have a computer?

The solution is to rent an RDP and remote using Android or iPhone.

5 Things to know for new IDENA Users

In accordance with the title I made, there are some things you need to know when you want to start IDENA, I only chose these 5 things, because very often people misunderstand or don't even know this.

1. Validation is a requirement for mining

To be able to activate the mining feature on the IDENA client, you must first validate at the time stated on the official IDENA website. There are 2 validation process sessions, the first is that within two minutes, you must complete 5 or 6 folds. Then the second session is within 30 minutes, you have to complete 15-25 folds (depending on the network).

Before validating, you must first look for the Invite Code on Discord or on Telegram Official. Sometimes on Twitter, IDENA also often shares an Invite Code by doing small tasks such as retweeting or following.

Tips for successful validation

  • Make sure the nodes are synchronized 4 hours before Validation time arrives
  • Restart your IDENA node
  • Five minutes before the validation time, you must be ready in front of the IDENA Client application
  • Do the flip by selecting pictures that have a story or are related
  • Correct if there is time remaining
  • Report flip that is not in accordance with the regulations
  • Prove that you are human, not a robot
2. Mining does not use 100% of the CPU, GPU and RAM

Mining in IDENA is very different from coin mining in general, where when you want to join as a Bitcoin or Ethereum miner, then you need a computer with high and special specifications that have a high price. But when you activate mining in IDENA, it's just like running an ordinary node.

The daily income of mining is very dependent on the number of nodes that are active at that time. Every day there are 25,920 IDNAs that are distributed to all of them who have active nodes evenly. For example, today there are around 2590 active nodes, then each node or wallet will get around 10 IDNA within 24 hours and directly enter their respective wallets. If a node is inactive for more than one hour, it will be penalized.
Some communities recommend Running IDENA on machines with the following specifications

  • 2GB RAM for Linux OS, 4GB RAM for Windows OS
  • 50GB Disk
  • 100Mbps internet speed

You can use DigitalOcean or Vultr providers if you want to install nodes on the VPS.

3. Mining IDNA coins can be sold directly

Selling mined coins is a lot of fun. We will soon enjoy the results of mining to be able to spend it on our dream items.

IDNA can now be sold or exchanged for other currencies such as BTC or ETH on the following exchanges


In the meantime, I still recommend Qtrade.io, because fees for withdrawals are cheaper and do not require KYC to be able to withdraw.

4. IDENA Anonymous Team

IDENA has an unidentified team structure. This is a thing that is popular nowadays where many new projects decide to hide their profiles and backgrounds from the team and project developers. Same is the case with Bitcoin, where we also don't know who Satoshi Nakamoto is. Maybe we understand the name, but actually he is anonymous and we don't know who he really is. We can't even reach him.

The IDENA team is hidden, but they can be contacted via telegram. AndrewIdena is the only one way we can talk directly with the team and the developer. We also don't know whether Andrew is a pseudonym, or real name.

5. Still in beta stage

Although IDENA is more than one year old, IDENA nodes and clients are still in the BETA stage. So that the team and developers always make improvements if bugs are found. This is a very young age for IDENA, meaning that there is still a big possibility that will happen in the future. Please note that IDENA is still in beta stage at this time, and the team does not bear all your anger regarding the bug that occurred at this time. 

The current IDENA price, which is very cheap, has certainly become the main attraction for me to hold in the hope that the IDENA price will increase in the long term.

This is my Idena Wallet Address: 0x06adc0163dc3f8d0044ef243e89ca3a993964b26
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