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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 26 Aug 2020

The C.A.S.H. principles:

  • Crypto fundamentals & technical analysis
  • Adoption & User Experience
  • Staking (Token Value & Utility)
  • HodL positions & projections


Crypto Fundamentals & Technical Analysis

Here's a snapshot of Ethereum [ETH], the 2nd most valuable asset class in Crypto.

Approximately 112.2 million ETH exist in circulation as of writing; though there's no current cap on supply, as of August 2020 about 4.5 million ETH is locked up in Decentralized Finance projects ². It being at USD$383.17 is about 3,399 million Sats [Satoshis - or 0.03399679 BTC].

One of the core developers, Co-Founder and current face of Ethereum is Vitalik Buterin (in many circles he's also considered a Co-Founder of Bitcoin itself); he's spearheading the move with the Ethereum Foundation from the current Computer processing heavy Proof of Work model to Proof of Stake -- basically this makes it easier to earn for non-tech-savvy individuals again, until assets are piled in one location down the road.

For those who have no idea what Ethereum is - MuyAsk's step-by-step guides are unparalleled on P0x (linked here).

ETH's price was first tracked in Oct 2015 for about USD$0.42; its price shot up to an all-time high of around $1,432.88 in Jan 2018 before cooling off ².

I again did not participate in the beginning with ETH; mostly because I heard a synopsis of it from Ethereum Classic bag holders -- I wanted to stay away, but Decentralized Finance is currently being built on the platform.

ETH - August 2020

The support line in this charting analysis is around USD$370, but if ETH bounces off its 50 day moving average again, it can easily test the red resistance line. This basically means after moving sideways for a bit, gaining support, ETH can easily continue its parabolic climb back into the quadruple digits.

Summary: I'm getting Amazon stock at $400 vibes (currently a few years later at USD$3,300); in short, it could be years, months or weeks before ETH hits quadruple digits, but I've already bought, so 🤷‍♂️ I'm compromised/biased


Adoption & User Experience

Whether reports that Brazil is writing laws & making Stablecoins on the Ethereum blockchain, are true or not would support the notion to buy the rumor, sell once those laws & coins are put into circulation.⁷

The reasons to hold Ethereum besides the upcoming 2.0 staking protocol, optimistic rumors, undervalued price may have more to do with its history of ICOs and other projects already on the ETH ecosystem.

If you've ever heard of the name ERC-20 tokens, but not known its meaning -- those are basically smart contracts on the ETH blockchain that can be used as mediums of exchange. ⁶ .

Staking (Token Value & Utility)


The required minimum to stake Ethereum is 32ETH, but projections are +11ETH per annum. That means buying one BTC (~USD$11K) worth of ETH has a chance to 10x and yield a third of that every year.

What does this mean? It means I need to stop talking about this before I talk myself into buying more with my gas money haha. 

HodL Positions & Projections

In order to be in the top 100 ETH Hodlers, one needs at least 150,000 ETH (About $57.3 million. ⁸

Before hearing about the staking details, I never wanted more than 10 ETH ... but being 10% to that goal, I don't it's wise for me to make Blockfolio advise. 

My projections and goals are mostly captured here; but for entertainment purposes only, my honest opinion is that HodLing 10 ETH will make me a millionaire within the decade.


Ethereum is pivotal, cheap and volatile, but the choice to invest, is up to you the reader!

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