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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 9 Dec 2020



When valuing my Blockfolio in Bitcoin Core, I am a Crypto Shrimp 🦐, which simply means I have less than 1 Bitcoin Core's worth of Crypto in my Blockfolio -- kind of like valuing a portfolio in cash, and the amount of cash/cash equivalents are also counted; in relation to the different tokens & crypto, I may be higher up the food chain 🐬 🐙

I also tend to include this photo each post for reference:

Bayarizard - Oktober

More on how you can check your own progress up the Crypto Food Chain (linked here) -- as you'll note, the Animal chartings are relative to the project. 

Without further ado ...

Bayarizard -- Dezember 2020

In just one month, after annoucing I was going to hoard most of my Crypto in my Monopoly-like game, my Nexo tokens *exploded*, pushing my overall Blockfolio value from 0.28 to 0.52BTC ... so ... there's that.

My top 10 positions to date

Stablecoins weight dropped -15%, down to 10% over the past month -- i still have 100% PaxUSD at the moment:

[1st] | Blockfolio allocation - 47.4%
Nexo's allocation somehow has stayed basically the same (without buying or selling) even though the price rocketed up from U$D0.22 to as high as 0.47 in just the last 30 days.
The utility of the tokens are increasing exponentially to compete with the likes of Celsius, Compound and UniSwap -- which I'll admit, I need to brush up more on.

[2nd] | Blockfolio allocation - 21.2%
This jumped 8% since just last month when I bit the bullet and snagged enough BTC to push me to 0.11 late last month.

[3rd] | Blockfolio allocation - (14.3%)
After snagging a few of these, I went from a shrimp in all things Bitcoin to a Crypto Crab :D pushing my allocation up 12% in the past 30 days.
This of course today means nothing but diminishing returns in the short-term, but I'm keeping up with my scheduled ratio -- and that's all that really matters. BCH and BAT were the only tokens to move up and/or down on the allocation chart this month.

[4th] | Blockfolio allocation - (1.8%)
This was almost halved, down from 3.1% last month after loading up on BCH -- they swapped places in the allocation rank. I did get another laptop, and after checking each of my BAT accounts, it looks like there was only 1 disbursement to everyone, and it ignored the "recurring" button I set.
Everyone will get at least the value of the missing BAT in arrears when this is corrected (sorry till then).

[5th] | Blockfolio allocation -(1.46%)
For the duration ETH looks like it's at a peak, my epiphany to buy 1 ETH per paycheck is put on hold; and since I've been piling on in other positions, ETH has actually slide 1% this past month without me selling any.

[6th] | Blockfolio allocation - (1.17%)
I realized the massive amount of CRO needed to climb the perks list of the card charts, and like ETH -- the current risk reward is too high in the short-term, even though I *LOVE* the idea enough to consider it daily; for now I only dollar-cost-average into CRO as a by-product of buying everything with my 2% cash back Ruby Card.

[7th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.83%)
I'm surprised at how low of an allocation this has dropped to -- getting cut in half (again without me buying more or selling any LTC). Hearing scoffers on Twitter make legitimate arguments, saying there's no use-case for LTC, even as a speculative investment means I'll need to take another look soon to make my own assessment.

[8th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.71%)
Dropping from +2% to where it is now is an obvious assessment on what I think of Chainlink in the short-term; but hey, it's still in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies, so maybe I'm the one missing something.

[9th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.19%)
I'm actually warming to the idea of XRP if it falls to the U$D0.40 or below level again.

[10th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.06%)
Wow ... I didn't realize just *how* concentrated my investments were until seeing XTZ drop 0.14% to where it is now in just *one* month.

For those who haven't read the first entry, it's linked here.


All this is shown for transparency & entertainment purposes only. My goals in being a Crypto Activist StakeHodLer:

- Know the maximum I want to invest in a project
- Never sell, rather collateralize
- Always be diversifying

Sharing what I earn and learn makes me a Crypto Activist StakeHodLer

My Blockfolio allocations, as always, are subject to change, especially as I achieve HodL goals listed hereSo ... how did your Blockfolio do after the recent BTC price 🚀  moonshot?



This article was a snapshot when Bitcoin Core's price was USD$18,286.17.
As mentioned earlier, I'm not a financial advisor; but I'd love to hear about your Crypto picks :)

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