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Crypto Brew Master Game Nearing Soft Launch!

By agr8buzz | battlegames | 22 Apr 2020


If You Like Crypto Gaming, Beer, Or Both Then We've Got News For You..

At this point we dont know a lot about the game, but anticipation is building! And frankly we couldn't wait any longer to let you all know of the nearing soft launch of Crypto Brew Masters on the Hive Blockchain.

If we scour the development update posts and piece together info released through the CBM Discord we can start to build a picture of things to come..




In-Game Assets

Here's a look at some in-game resources that are presented to the player through the UI in the form of cards..




How these cards will look come launch day we cant say for sure, but if you want a sneak peak here's a couple options that the development team has been testing:

Looks like these screens are from within the actual brewery!



We can already see that crafting will be a big part of this game, and of course it will, after all this is craft beer we're making 🍺

Crafting materials will come in a variety of qualities from Normal, Good, Outstanding, Excellent, and Masterpiece.

We have this note from the Dev team in regards to the quality of crafting materials:

Each card in the process of crafting will affect the whole process and make a stronger chance of receiving a card of different quality. For example in the Beer Brewing process when you put 2 rows Barley Malt Outstanding Quality chances of getting the BEER you producing with higher quality increases affecting the Recipe Effects and the Price, that local PUB will offer.


What To Expect On Launch

It's been noted that on launch we should be able to expect to see a group of cards known as Tier 1, and access to the Brewery for.. Beer Brewing!

In addition to this we've been told that we'll have Loot Boxes, a pub where we can sell our fresh brew, daily quests for XP and resources, and a "character screen" where we'll be able to see all our wonderful shiney assets!

For more info on what we can expect on release and in further incremental updates have a read through this post here from the CBM team themselves.


Crypto Brew Master 2020 Road Map


I'll leave you with this and say that if you're a beer fan like we are and you enjoy your crypto games go follow @cryptobrewmaster for all the latest updates.

For all the nitty gritty and to connect directly with the team and community I'll invite you to head on over the Crypto Brew Master Discord Server to say hi.

Be sure to let them know @battlegames sent you!



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