Can Blockchain Gaming and NFT's Raise Funds? | Homeless-City Project Update!

Can Blockchain Gaming and NFT's Raise Funds? | Homeless-City Project Update!

By Battlegames | battlegames | 21 Apr 2020


How Far Has The Project Come In It's First 20 Days?

April 1st we reported that efforts were underway to raise funds through blockchain game by voluntarily donating game assets [NFT's] to STEEM account @Homeless-City.

"The account was created by @detlev and is a account that accepts donations of Homeless and other game assets with the mission of raising funds to support real world charities such as Habitat for Humanity."

Homeless City Project Update


7694b7f9352e14b72b0611d3329f0e3ff4ab1724f2ffb31c50876ea4ee26f902.png is a city simulation game with collectibale NFT's built on the STEEM blockchain

With a city population of 431 the project is currenlty earning in the area of 6 STEEM + 3.5 HIVE per week. In addition to this the account is earning apx 431 SIM Tokens per day [Layer 2 Steem-Engine coins], the equivilenet 2 STEEM/Day.

At current pace the account is on track to earn a little shy of 100 STEEM per month, or about $15. 😎 How cool is that rght?

Originally the project set out with the request that you send over spare NFT's in the form of Homeless, but if we take a look at the city we can see they've received some significant assets that have vastly increased the value of the account!




Factories, Restaurants, Gyms, Airports and even 2 Dispensaries!

@Homeless-City is a happening place, earning funds towards a good cause. Thanks to the gaming community for their generosity.

You can read more about the Homless City Project here.

If you can, please consider donating to the @homeless-city account, and help them reach their first milestone of $100 USD.





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