Fire in Australia, Binance gives $ 1 million

Fire in Australia, Binance gives $ 1 million

By CryptoArch | BATman00 | 11 Jan 2020

Binance platform has decided to create an extensive donation program to help Australia, suffering violent fires since few time.

The current balance sheet is more than 319,000 hectares of forest reduced to ash and more than one billion animals died in the flames.

It was the Binance Charity channel that set up this donation program and paid out the equivalent of $960 000


The foundation, launched in 2018, is at origin of numerous initiatives around the world as for Japan following floods in 2018, cyclone in USA, funding school program for 5000 students in Africa.

But it is through the program called Donating for Autralia Bushfires that the foundation has been making a lot of noise these last few days.


According to the communication Service, donations would only be made to the BNB accepting organization.


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