Brave revolution

By CryptoArch | BATman00 | 8 Jan 2020

Brave foundation has imagine what must be a browser close to user.

With an uncommon speed of navigation, a preservation of your privacy and a reward system bringing together creators of content and users.

Available on win32bit win64bit, macOS and Linux


The major problem we all see is the pervasiveness of trackers that are only growing on the web and that is harmful to our privacy.

Content publishers receive little or no remuneration for their content and the GAFAM keep increasing their profits.



Brave offers a high-performance ad-bloking and constantly tells you how many trackers have been blocked since you started browsing and how much loading time you saved. He is constantly struggling to ensure that your data is preserved and not tracked.

Brave browser also includes the ability to make your browsing even safer by connecting to the Tor network, thus blocking GAFAM tracking problems.


The browser also incorporates a highly innovative concept to collect rewards if you decide or NOT to watch fair ads proposed by Brave.

These rewards in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token) allow you in turn to reward creators of content on the web in the form of tips or monthly contribution.


A fairer way to bring creators and users closer together and a new browser that will quickly cast a shadow over Google and its Chrome browser, the hallmark of internet privacy.


Let us take back the reins of our virtual space ..

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