Blockchain on the table [UPDATE]

Blockchain on the table [UPDATE]

By CryptoArch | BATman00 | 23 Jan 2020

Blockchain is a digital storage and transmission technology allowing the transit of secure and forgery-proof information, which has been booming in recent years on many projects.

Blockchain is a database containing all exchanges history between users.


Applied to the food sector, the blockchain allows to store tracability information on everyday products.
It allows a follow-up of the entire supply chain (producers, processors and distributors) and to inform the tracability information that concerns them (dates, places, livestock buildings, distribution, processing, etc.).


This device ends with a QR Code attached to item label. It allows consumers to access tracability information via their smartphone, such as location and method of breeding, contact details of the breeder, food (cereals, French soybeans, without GMO, etc.), lack of processing (without antibiotics, etc.), labels (AOC AOP) and the place of slaughter.


Carrefour Group chicken from Auvergne is the first line to which blockchain technology is applied and will be followed by 8 others in fews time.


During 2020, the technology will be applied to eight other animal and plant sectors guaranteeing the specifications: eggs (outdoor hens without antibiotics), tomatoes (without herbicides), Norwegian salmon (without antibiotics without GMO), fresh microfiltered milk (without GMO), Rocamadour AOP cheese, Spanish oranges (without pesticides) or honey.


A very good news for our plates when we think back about horse meat lasagna or dioxin chicken in Europe.


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