Scam Airdrop On the Name Of ThoreCoin(THR)

Scam Airdrop On the Name Of ThoreCoin(THR)

If we consider cryptocurrency as world then we are living in world of airdrop always coming up.Some of them are like good weather and some are like bad weather daily coming up with new tricky ways that difficult to tackle and most of people falls victim to them and they not only lost their money but most important and precious time also.That's the really time to fight with these scammers and demoralize them and guide the cryptocurrency lovers to become safe from them.


I observing from sometimes now they have changed they way to scam and now they are actually using famous coin to scam the here today I am going talk about another scam airdrop on the name of famous security token thorecoin.


There is a google forum that is saying that they are giving 0.1THR Coin of worth 170$ for 1000 people but they are scam.

Visit forum here


Why they are scam??


1).They are using fake twitter account which is

And original twitter Link of thorecoin is here.

On original twitter account there is no announcement of airdrop.

2).They are using their on YouTube channel to get subscribe you know.

Here is channel link.

More Info About Real ThoreCoin

Features of the platform include the following:

  • Security Token
  • Digital asset portfolio
  • Directly linked with overall crypto market growth
  • Tokenisation Services

On Coinmarketcap

Vsit Website

Follow on teitter Twitter Account

Highest price all time:$2,130.02 

Lowest price all time:$0.145105

Info source

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I hope you will find this post helpfull.

Thanks for your time.


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