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By BarczaSzandra | BarczaSzandra | 30 Jul 2021

I’ve written an article about before, but I decided to write about it again because there have been more updates to the site since I wrote my previous article. is a website where you can earn EOS without investing, all you have to do is play games.

In this article, you can read more about how to create your account and wallet for it and how to start earning: Earn EOS with while playing games- step by step

What’s new?

In addition to the release of new games, a very exciting thing has been added to the site.

Womplay announced in late May that users could receive NFT rewards from then on. These NFTs were inspired by the games and the characters of the HeroZero game first appeared in the form of NFT. Later, NFTs inspired by the TastyTale game also appeared, and now these two games can be used to earn NFTs that users can get based on certain levels achieved in the games or based on playing time.


When I introduced the TastyTale NFTs, I was very disappointed because by then I was already at the 100+ level in the game. I thought the rewards would go to users who start the game after the announcement when they reach certain levels. Luckily, I wasn’t right and I got the rewards for the levels anyway. That was a good point for me.

This is probably clear to everyone, but I will tell you that this is only the case if you downloaded the game through womplay for the first time. If you have played any of the games listed on the site before, you are not eligible for the rewards for that game. This is the case on all pages with similar functionality.



There are weekly challenges related to NFTs that can generate a little extra revenue.

In these challenges, collecting or buying or burning NFTs is usually the task. Users who perform the challenges best will receive EOS reward.

Not all users participate in the challenges automatically, but must join the challenge.

Rewards were initially listed in EOS, but this was recently changed to dollars, but the prize will still be paid in EOS based on the current exchange rate.

NFTs can be traded at Atomichub, which you can also access via the website or the wombat wallet.

I could write about the pros and cons of womplay, but I really couldn’t argue why womplay is bad. You’re not going to get rich using it, but it’s actually in its category that it’s used to. So I'd rather list why you should use womplay:

easy to use interface

varied games

there is no minimum payment 

Every week you get your share of the $ 2,500 reward pool to your wallet based on your points, even if it's only $ 0.01


you will get 25% of the Wombucks what your friends earn from playing

Daily reward

You can open a chest every day that hides extra wombats. So you can earn a little even if you don't play with anything


If you haven't tried womplay yet, you may want to register.

And if you've tried it, feel free to leave a comment about your experiences.

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