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By BarczaSzandra | BarczaSzandra | 26 May 2021 is a website where you can earn EOS while playing games.
I have to say that this is not going to make you rich. I especially recommend it to those who love games anyway, because if you just want to join for the money, you’ll soon get bored because you won’t earn enough with it.
Sign up HERE!
You will see chests that you can open once a day, you will find extra points in it.
And you’ll see the $ 2,500 reward pool. Click to join and this message will appear.


Create a wombat account where you will automatically receive the reward EOS. There is no minimum payment, no application required.
You can see how much time is left from the current week, how many players will benefit from the reward pool, and how many wombucks these players have collected in total. And of course you can also see how much you will get. This amount is constantly updated. Not only does the amount determine how many wombucks you collected, but also how many wombucks you have collected with the other players in total. The more wombucks players collect in total, the less one wombuck is worth. Thus, your share may not increase but decrease.
Scroll down to find both mobile and desktop games. Click on a game and then show details to see how you get the wombucks with that game.
Be sure to download the game through the website, otherwise you will not receive a reward.
There is also a referral program. If you invite your friends you will get 25% of their collected wombucks. Forever!
That looks really good, 25% relatively large share.
Although I have mixed feelings about this because if I invite a lot of people who collect a lot of wombuck, they will increase the total wonbuck number, that is, they will decrease the value of the wombuck. So I think the invitation has both good and bad sides.
A week goes by, you get your reward from the reward pool and you want to send it to another wallet.
Using a wombat wallet is very simple. Click EOS, then click Send.
Remember that you also need to fill in the receiver and memo sections. When you are done, click Send in the upper right corner. Success!
But what if it fails? My friend did this without any problems, but I got this error message:
Go back to the wombat wallet main page and click on the setting in the lower right corner, then click on buy ram. You do not need a deposit to buy ram, you can use your balance. It’s not a big amount, for example, I spent 0.01 EOS on ram and then was able to successfully send my remaining EOS to my binance wallet.
In summary, the womplay website and wombat wallet are also easy to use.
I haven’t tried all the games yet, but I’ve already found one I’m happy to play with, and the EOS is just an extra reward.
Let's play!

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