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We spend a lot of our time surfing the web through our devices, mainly our smartphones and pcs. And increasily our digital safety is at risk if we do not take some measures to prevent attacks. But its not all lost, we have a lot of tools to use to help us on this journey. Below I'll write down some tips you may apply during your digital life:


1 - Never click unknown links. Suspect all e-mails you receive, even known person. Avoid clicking links you receive by e-mail or message.

2 - Do not open e-mails from suspicious sites.

3 - If you receive a message from a known company, always check the e-mail or website domain. Check carefully since bad guys may use very similar domain to fool you.

4 - Use a trustful VPN (Virtual Private Network). The criptography helps on keeping your privacy. There're some free VPN available, for mobile and computer. (If you can't afford to pay a good VPN, try the Opera browser which comes with a free VPN with the browser)

5 - Always update your devices, the apps and the OS. Make it your routine.

6 - You can enhance your digital security with powerful browsers focused on privacy, like Brave Browser. Chromium bases browsers are a good idea too.

7 - The websites you use regularly, bookmark it and access them through the bookmark buttons.

8 - Avoid typing the internet addresses on your browser for 2 mainly reasons: [1] you may mistype and go to a fake website and [2] you may not know the official website domain. Google it and verify the authenticity of the destination.

9 - Use a antivirus software. There're some free of 'em out there. Malwarebytes is also a good option if you want to enhance your security against malwares.

Surf safe, your security is also in your hands.

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