Keeping your digital assets safe

Many people own digital assets. The crypto market brought us power, the possibility to be our own bank. But with great powers comes great responsibilities. Are you ready to be your own bank?


Do you know what a hardware wallet is? The hardware wallet is a hardware device that stores your private keys on it. All keys stored is encrypted, which make it safer. The device does not connect directly to the internet and you can only make transactions authorizing on the device. Its another layer of security.

There're a lot of hardware wallets out there, with a good price range that probably you can afford. You may store your seeds and/or the recovery phrases safely, on a place that may not burn, wet, destroyed, be stolen or forgotten.

Its not advised to store all your funds on your exchange wallet. If you want to hold your assets, it better to keep 'em safe in a cold/hardware wallet. But, if you're a trader, unless you use all your assets to trade, you may divide your assets and store some in a cold wallet.

Keeping your assets in a cold wallet has its own risks. You may always check the wallet address when confirming on the device and pasting in your app or browser. Hackers may trick you when you copy and paste, so always make sure the address is correctly.

When using an exchange, enhance your security enabling a 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). The best way is a security key, which cannot be hacked. But if your exchange does not support FIDO, use the 2FA that it provides, maybe an SMS code, e-mail code or an OTP, through an authentication app like Google Authenticator/Microsoft Authenticator.

Always use an antivirus software and always keep your apps and OS updated.

Keep safe.

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