Banano (BAN) Episode #1: It's time for children to learn about blockchain
Banano (BAN) Episode #1: It's time for children to learn about blockchain

By BtcSapiens | BananoFans | 16 Jul 2019

Hi Banano Fans, maybe you read "Banano (BAN) as a learning tool for children", where we talked about some of the tools that Banano makes available to anyone to start using their cryptocurrency in a simple way, being especially interesting for crypto-beginners.

People, usually hate numbers, if you ask someone what their interests are, it is difficult to find someone whose hobbies are mathematics, and even less, the cryptogram. 


Although using technological tools is available to anyone, understanding them is sometimes a bit tedious, people never understood how email worked, although this has not prevented them from sending and receiving emails during these decades.

In the crypto ecosystem we are maning cryptocurrencies or tokens, intangible and invisible assets that you can see in a database, and although children have a lot of imagination, it is much better that all these terms can be adapted to a language that is closer and above all pleasant to children and in this terms Banano (BAN) can be one of the best options.


Some concepts such as the "private key" can be explained in a very funny way to a child, and that is that in Banano, your private key can be a funny and unique monkey, much better than a long random number address without an apparent sense, is not it?

On the other hand, the speed of transactions is another great advantage of Banano when it comes to teaching how the blockchain works, confirmations take much less and shipments and receptions are immediate, so with these two great tools are the Banano wallet (Kalium) and The Banano Network Explorer (Banano Creeper) children can learn the basics of public key and blockchain.


So, it can be a good idea to encourage small students with $BANANO, similar to a game, where they can learn about blockchain as if it were a game, through a character that gets points, in our case a wallet with monkey shape, and a banana-shaped coin.

If you are a teacher you can take lessons, and at the end of each of them send some BANs to the students who have passed the test, this will not only help them to be encouraged and compete among them, but also to see in a practical way how the blockchain works.


Thanks for your support, see you at

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