Kalium (BANANO's mobile wallet) v2.0.9 Released: Introducing Mnemonic Phrases, RTL Layouts, and More!

By banano | Banano | 28 Jun 2019

1*QNnSXPkR3UWxS3Zu9hyfwA.png Kalium — BANANO’s mobile wallet (download)

Kalium v2.0.9 is currently rolling out to the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and is available on GitHub.

The largest change here is the introduction of mnemonic phrases (Secret word phreses) instead of plaintext hex seeds. The secret phrase is now the default when creating a wallet, importing a wallet, and when backing up your wallet from within the app. You can still import or backup the standard hex seed, mnemonic version has just become the preferred method.

The biggest advantage of this is that a series of English words is much easier to write down and memorize than a long hex string. It’s also less prone to mistakes (missing a character, writing the wrong character).

These are created using the bip39 spec, which is the same as BananoVault. So your BananoVault backup phrases are compatible with Kalium now.

Also notable is the addition of Arabic and Latvian translations. Also the app fully supports right-to-left layouts now. Meaning the interface will adapt to users who are using Kalium in Arabic or Hebrew in a way they’re familiar with.

There’s also several minor improvements that are just a part of continuously getting better. Particularly some bug fixes related to the websocket client and intro screen or splash screen logic.

  1*jsBbjE6lDNFzV-fkdkiozQ.png Kalium — BANANO’s mobile wallet (download)

Are you New to Kalium?

Main Features (full list/documentation at Github):

  • Send/Receive BANANO securely
  • Mnemonic phrases
  • View complete transaction history
  • View transaction details on creeper
  • Export monkeyQR and address as a PNG image for sharing
  • Full monKey integration
  • Fully featured contacts/address book
  • Change your representative
  • Biometric support (FaceID+TouchID)
  • QR scanning
  • Deep link/URI support)
  • Paper wallet loader
  • Push notifications
  • 30+ currency conversions, 20+ languages

One of Kalium’s main distinctions however is surely the function to claim paper wallets or gift cards from Kalium directly in-app. You basically just scan the seed as QR code and sweep the existing balance on this address into your wallet. Within seconds. To our knowledge this is an unprecedented way to easily transfer a cryptocurrency through a QR code, within seconds, in a mobile wallet.

A special thank you to our great developers bbedward and yekta!

Grab your update on the Kalium website today!

  1*uO7sLY6Menk0hPOVfAcgJw.png Kalium — BANANO’s mobile wallet (download)

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