Kalium - BANANO's mobile wallet is now also on iOS - Join the release party and get free BANANO!

By banano | Banano | 15 Feb 2019

Just released today: The iOS final built of Kalium, BANANO's mobile wallet which already was released for Android in fall 2018. Continue reading, try the app and find out how to get some free BANANO easily. You'll see this is the slickest app you have seen for quite some time!


Just in case you don’t know BANANO yet: BANANO is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology to disrupt the meme economy. BANANO is a fork of NANO, but in addition to NANO features we have added memes, lots of fun, free ongoing distribution through awesome faucet gamesmonKeys, and other bantastic stuff.

Now, we finally also have the final built of Kalium at the iOS Appstore!

You'll see that Kalium as BANANO's mobile wallet is not only looking slick but also has several awesome features. Both in terms of functionality and visual experience it surely is superior to 99% of mobile wallets of all other cryptocurrency projects. Comment below if you disagree.

Kalium mobile cryptocurrency wallet features

Some examples: Here's the notification feature:


You also have an address book that has full monKey integration to save addresses from your other BANANO wallets or your friends:


Of course, Kalium also is available in 20+ different languages:


A new feature in the iOS version since today: Personalisation options! Apply different color themes for your Kalium:


Kalium's Paperwallet Claim Feature

One of Kalium’s main distinctions however is the function to claim paper wallets or gift cards from Kalium directly in-app. You basically just scan the seed as QR code and sweep the existing balance on this address into your wallet. Within seconds. To our knowledge this is an unprecedented way to easily transfer a cryptocurrency through a QR code, within seconds, in a mobile wallet. See a short video demonstrating this feature here:


Follow our announcements, this is just the beginning! Now after we have our final wallets released on both Android and iOS/iPhone you might see paperwallets in the real world quite soon! Be prepared!

You want to try it?

Check out Kalium's own website at kalium.banano.cc

There are surely a lot more features and details to report, see the full release details and join the Kalium release giveaway party in this official announcement at medium: Link

Now head over to the party and get your first free BANANO within minutes!

Head over here for the giveaway and full details: Link

Any questions? Just comment below! We'll keep you updated here and look forward to hear what you think!

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BANANO is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology to disrupt the meme economy.

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