Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #19: Month 7 Recap & monKeymining Update

By banano | Banano | 21 Apr 2021

BANANO is a DAG-based cryptocurrency with easy-to-use apps, distributed entirely for free through airdrops, faucets, and games. All happening in a fun, community-driven, meme-rich, and educational atmosphere.

The BANANO community project cryptomonKeys started 7 months ago. It’s all about distributing NFTs/digital trading cards for free, and the positive feedback, growth and excitement by the community were truly awesome. Lots of things are going on, meaning it’s time for another update from the cryptomonKeys community including a Month 7 recap and an update on monKeymining — Earn cryptomonKeys by playing Alien Worlds!


cryptomonKeys Month 7 Recap

It’s already 7 months since cryptomonKeys launched on September 19th, 2020, and it’s been an awesome ride so far, YUGE thanks to a great community making all this so much fun! Here’s a quick summary and few highlights:

New Cards!

Within month 7 we released cryptomonKeys No 46 to 48!


Previous updates:
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Growing fast: monKeymining and monKeystaking in Alien Worlds!

You probably have joined already: We have massively expanded to other planets far beyond the moon and still are growing: Meanwhile thousands of users already earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the relatively new upcoming free-to-play/play-to-earn NFT-based game Alien Worlds! This was especially boosted through the recent listing of their in-game token Trilium (TLM) on Binance.

This all has started as ‘just’ another way to distribute cryptomonKeys for free (here to users playing the game Alien Worlds) and turned out to be something that’s a lot of fun to do as a community. Meanwhile we have completed 9 cycles of NFT monKeymining and staking and sent out more than 13000 cryptomonKeys (summary further below in here) to users mining and staking in the Alien Worlds metaverse! Help getting started and all updates summarized here and further below.


New avenues of free cryptomonKeys distribution

Recently we also started to distribute free cryptomonKeys NFTs to Upland players in collaboration with MetaForce, and we’re already preparing to integrate free cryptomonKeys distribution into Uplift.World, an upcoming minecraft-based play2earn game tokenized on the WAX blockchain. And, we’re of course working on even more, but more about that when the time is ripe :)

If you want to get news early and know more details, join the cryptomonKeys Discord server and subscribe on our website!

Current ways to get free cryptomonKeys NFTs

  • Mine cryptomonKeys by playing the game Alien Worlds!
  • Earn cryptomonKeys by playing Upland
  • Follow our social media channels for regular giveaways and events
  • Join our discord server and create memes or cryptomonKeys art, or contribute by helping others, or read the pinned post in the channel #intro-and-feedback
  • Guess the name of the next card based on hints on the current card in the #monkeyguessing channel on our discord server
  • If you have a decent following (1919+ followers) at twitter or other social media: Contact us, maybe we’re up for doing a giveaway together with you and reward you with free cards.
  • Hold any cryptomonKey in your wallet and you have a chance on monKeyfarm drops (learn more)
  • Also: Stay tuned and follow our social media for always new and always more ways to earn free cryptomonKeys!

Some numbers after 7 months of cryptomonKeys:

Card motives released: 45 (45) (Website | AtomicHub | Waxplorer | CryptoSlam)
Total Cards minted: 76161 (72323)
Cards distributed: 52157 (40169) (68% distributed)
Number of accounts holding at least one cryptomonKey NFT: 9449 (8170)
(all numbers total; last month values in brackets)

Month 7 market stats:
Number of trades between users: 6643 (3750)
Monthly trading volume: 309,729 WAX

Since project launch:
Total trading volume: 1.45 Million WAX ($305k)
Total trades: 16738

Join cryptomonKeys!

We have giveaways and events running regularly on all platforms! Join/follow us to not miss any — and thanks for sharing with your friends!
Discord: 7054 (last month: 4240)
Twitter: 9650 (last month: 7077)
Instagram: 994 (last month: 824)
Telegram group: 3221 (last month: 2817)

More at Telegram: news channel | card feed channel | Spanish group

cryptomonKeys at AtomicHub: live trading offers | sale history
Collection stats at: AtomicHub | Waxplorer | CryptoSlam

Update: monKeymining — Earn cryptomonKeys by Playing Alien Worlds

In January 2021, we announced monKeymining: Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the game AlienWorlds! This has led to lots of ongoing attention and excitement and loads of new users joining the community and we meanwhile sent over 23k cryptomonKeys NFTs to miners and stakers! Here’s an update including the cycle 9 mining and staking rewards that were sent out today!


monKeymining and monKeystaking Update

You can earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the brand new free-to-play/play-to-earn NFT-based game Alien Worlds. You currently can earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by mining or by staking, just by playing the game, on top of the regular in-game rewards!

Get cryptomonKeys bonus rewards on top of regular in-game rewards by mining on any of the lands specified below, or by staking TLM to Planet Neri. Rewards will be sent out regularly, roughly every 1–2 weeks. Summary graphic below, details and help getting started (and lots of helpful links) further below.

More information and help getting started can be found at


  • If you have any questions, find all details here, and join our discord and ask in the channel #monkeymining for help. Lots of users are discussing there all the time.


monKeymining and monKeystaking Rewards Details

Note: The following details are unchanged from last cycle with the only exception that the TLM mining threshold for guaranteed cryptomonKeys NFTs has been removed and criteria have been simplified. Updates and current status can always be found at

  • We will pull mining data from the blockchain and take snapshots of stakers to Neri every 1–2 weeks. The more you mine during any cycle or stake at the time of snapshot, the higher your chances on cryptomonKeys NFTs, and the higher your chances on more rare cryptomoneys NFTs. Rewards will then be sent out shortly after.
  • Everyone who mines at least once has a chance on cryptomonKeys rewards. However the more you mine, the higher are your chances. 
  • The Top 423 ranked miners by total TLM mined in one cycle will have a 100% chance on cryptomonKeys NFT rewards. The further down the ranking goes, the lower are your chances. That means if you end up on rank 500 your chances are much better than if you end up on rank 5000, however in both cases you might get rewards.
  • Similar for staking: The Top 199 ranked users staking TLM to Neri (ranking here) at the time of snapshot will have a 100% chance on cryptomonKeys NFT rewards. The further down the ranking goes, the lower are your chances. That means if you end up on rank 200 your chances are much better than if you finish with rank 400, however in both cases you might get rewards. Only the Top 500 stakers will have a chance on rewards.
  • Mining rewards and staking rewards will be sent out every 1–2 weeks after a monKeymining cycle has ended. Once there’s a feature for random customized in-game NFT drops this will likely change and be automized.


Reward Summary cycle #9

monKeymining Reward summary

Rewards were sent out for all mining events happening on specified cryptomonKeys lands from April 5, 2021 (19:19 UTC) to April 18, 2021 (19:19 UTC). A total of 27496 different users (last cycle: 4909) mined a total of 446k TLM (last cycle: 725k TLM) during this timeframe. 241 users mined at least 250 TLM (which was the threshold for guaranteed cryptomonKeys rewards for this cycle). Rewards sent:

  • Rare Low Mint cryptomonKey: Top 1 miner
  • Rare cryptomonKey: Top 10 miners
  • Uncommon cryptomonKey: Top 91 miners + 91 random
  • Common cryptomonKey: Top 241 miners + see below
  • A little surprise: ~400 NFT stickers from our friends from MetaForce were dropped randomly to monKeyminers as bonus reward this round!
  • A little bigger surprise: Due to the recent spike in new users and the higher TLM mining difficulty it was very hard especially for new users to get cryptomonKeys NFT rewards. Since we think more users should get a chance on cryptomonKeys, we decided to send a total of 5019 (!) additional brand-new common cryptomonKeys No 49: Planet Banance to monKeyminers and gave especially new users a little higher chance to receive one of these NFTs this time.


monKeystaking rewards summary

In this cycle, the snapshot of TLM stakers to Neri (=NER holders) was taken on April 18, 2021 (8:19 UTC). We sent out guaranteed cryptomonKeys NFTs rewards to all users ranked within the Top 199 (current staking rankings can always be found here). Everyone in the Top 500 had also chances on bonus cryptomonKeys NFTs. Rewards sent:

  • Rare low mint cryptomonKey: Top 1 staker
  • Rare cryptomonKey: Stakers ranked 2–10
  • Uncommon cryptomonKey: Stakers ranked 11–91
  • Common cryptomonKey: Stakers ranked 1–199
  • A little surprise: ~200 NFT stickers from our friends from MetaForce were dropped randomly to stakers as bonus reward this round!
  • To reward those who kept up staking while others unstaked and sold their TLM due to the Binance listing and increased TLM price we decided to drop another 301 brand-new common cryptomonKeys No 49: Planet Banance randomly to stakers ranked between rank 200 to 500 this round as a surprise.

If you want to look up exact rankings, e.g. to check your position, you’ll find a link within the Rewards summaries section here. Make sure you have joined our discord server to access that data.


Cycle Summary

crytptomonKeys sent out for mining: 5453
cryptomonKeys sent out for staking: 591
TOTAL sent: 6044 cryptomonKeys

Note: Generally more cryptomonKeys were sent out to miners than to stakers, simply because we have way more miners than qualifying stakers. Rewards generally while be reduced over time, the reason simply being the rapid increase of participating users competing for relatively rare cryptomonKeys assets. This cycle’s surprise drop of cryptomonKey No 49 was an exemption to that especially for new users. We simply can’t distribute the majority of cryptomonKeys through Alien Worlds. We instead aim to reward specifically loyal miners and stakers with exclusive NFTs in the future. All data from cycle 1 on will be taken into account for those.

Since we started few weeks ago, a total of 23795 cryptomonKeys sent out for monKeymining and staking:


All updated details, help getting started and lots of info and links always at


Any mention of a third party platform, product, service or website in this article does not imply an endorsement by the BANANO core team. All information is provided to the author’s best knowledge at the time of writing, will likely not be updated and thus might be outdated when this article is read in the future. CryptomonKeys is a community project created by two BANANO core team members, SoggyApplePie and bantano. CryptomonKeys is building on the BANANO MonKey concept (visual account representatives) created and developed by Yekta and bbedward from the BANANO core team. This article was written by bantano with lots of help from SoggyApplePie and Vyryn.

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