Exchange Listing: Banano Listed On MEXC!

By banano | Banano | 13 Mar 2024

Today, the cryptocurrency exchange MEXC has listed Banano, which is our biggest exchange listing so far. Details below!

Banano on MEXC exchange

As many of you have already seen yesterday, the exchange MEXC has listed Banano with a BAN/USDT pair. Deposits are live, and trading has begun. Withdrawals are planned be open from tomorrow, March 14, 15:00 UTC.

This listing happened in line with a Kickstarter event where $MX holders could commit their tokens to participate in a $50,000 airdrop campaign, as announced on the MEXC twitter/X handles and on their website. Final listing announcement and details here on X and here on their website.

Further links and info:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be mindful and cautious when using centralized exchanges. This announcement does not mean BANANO is endorsing the use of this exchange. Never leave funds on exchanges unless you’re trading.

The BANANO core team appreciates this listing by MEXC, however we would like to emphasize that we did not pay for this listing in any way, which also means we did not sell any undistributed $BAN to pay for a listing or finance this airdrop. In fact, the BANANO core team was as surprised as everyone else to hear about this listing. All remaining undistributed $BAN is purposed for ongoing 100% free distribution, supply details here.

We congratulate MEXC and all our engaged community members on this achievement, and we heartily welcome all new $BAN users and holders to our community. This listing further encourages us to stay true to our principles which explicitly means that we do not engage in hyping up the $BAN price, encourage anyone to buy $BAN, or promise any price appreciation for $BAN. Instead, we'd rather focus on coupling fun with crypto education and free & fair distribution, as we have done since 2018.

Dear Banano community, stay as you are ❤️🍌


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