Breaking News: Samsung Galaxy S10 supports BANANO and ETH by default!

By banano | Banano | 25 Feb 2019

As you can see on the leaked image below, the new flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S10, will have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet which supports $BANANO and $ETH by default:


Yes, you heard it here first! Isn't that awesome news?

Did you actually believe that? Well Samsung wanted you to

Actually this is obviously not true guys, this image is just a fake. You know, Samsung made this up to shine in the light of BANANO. But BANANO has a much safer and slicker wallet than Samsung could ever built, Kalium. Just compare it:


Download it today at and start collecting free BANANO! Don't let your memes be dreams! And don't believe Samsung ;)

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BANANO is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology to disrupt the meme economy.

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