Mariza - Gente Da Minha Terra ao vivo em Lisboa

By bammbuss | bammbuss | 12 Oct 2019

Maritsa has a talent: with wonderful singing to express the beauty and lyrics of love, longing and passion. This fado is like the voice of a god ... The lyrical god of Love and Sorrow living on the Mediterranean coast.
Russian romance has come out of this musical culture, and our gypsy is from there. But they are only imitation and alteration interspersed with Russian and gypsy souls. And how magnificent the source and quality of the original.
Listening and looking Maritsa suddenly realized that the cradle of our Russian culture is Europe.

Listen to how fabulously the great Maritsa sings indifferently, and how amazingly the musician plays along with her. Listen to the leisurely flow of magnificent Lusitanian lyrics, in which the ancient city of Lisbon and the sea and love ...
Just listen and see.

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