Croatian Wehrmacht Regiment in July 1941 (Part 2)

By bammbuss | bammbuss | 9 Jul 2019

Serbian historians (A. Jovanovic) cite the facts of the atrocities committed by the Croats against civilians in Ukraine and Russia. Believe it or not, I xs.
It is certain that the regiment suffered great losses even before the Battle of Stalingrad, where the Croats took part in street battles in Stalingrad itself. By November 3, 1942, only 4 officers and 187 soldiers remained in the ranks. Three days later, the regiment was disbanded and poured into the 212th German, with which it finally fell in the “boiler of Stalingrad”.
Other parts of the Wehrmacht and the SS, formed in the NGH, fought against the partisans of Tito, or were staffed by Bosnian Muslims, Albanians and Volksdeutschs. The Croats also formed the Volunteer Black Sea naval battalion. This battalion carried patrol and mine-sweeping services and did not take part in the battles for the entire war.

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