Croatian Wehrmacht Regiment in July 1941 (Part 1)

By bammbuss | bammbuss | 9 Jul 2019

In April 1941, German and Italian troops occupied Yugoslavia, and the time for occupation came. In the territories of present-day Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia (partly) they formed the “Independent State of Croatia” (NGH). It received a protectorate of Italy and became fascist in its structure. In the historical and Italian meaning of the word, of course.
July 2, 1941 Ante Pavelic, as the leader of Croatia, called on volunteers to take part in the campaign against Bolshevism. The Croats then considered the Germans liberators, and therefore began to enthusiastically gather for this war.
Over a couple of weeks, over 9,000 volunteers enrolled, about 4000 out of which were eliminated. Of these, the 369th Wehrmacht Regiment was formed, which was included in the 100th Light Infantry Division in October 1941. The regiment went combat way from the Dnieper to Stalingrad.

to be continued

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