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By bammbuss | bammbuss | 17 Oct 2019

It goes without saying that it is more profitable to serve under the command of an American officer and in the American army. then the young man is more likely to survive, not to be commanded for meat by the command.
Indeed, after the 70s of the 20th century, after the “loss” of the Vietnam War, the Yankees switched to a professional army, several generations of generals of a new type were brought up. Now, for senior US Army officers, the phrase “save the lives of soldiers” is by no means an empty phrase. The reason for this is simply the gigantic payments by the US government for the dead soldier to his family.
From here comes the constant concentration of the American soldier, his internal discipline. After all, a soldier will not receive insurance payments due to him if he is not equipped properly at the time of death or injury. Therefore, Ji Ay in the war zone on almost any random shots is always “buttoned up.” There is a helmet on the head, a bulletproof vest on the torso, the soldier is sober and he is not with a cigarette.
Self-discipline and huge insurance payments are the pillar of the current "white" American army. Of course, for the guys from the American province another incentive is to break out of the backwoods and see the world, for Mexicans, Latinos and emigrants, there is an incentive to obtain American citizenship, etc. But this is a completely different topic.
It seems that for states located in the post-Soviet space, there is not enough money to support an American-style army. And it’s too wasteful to contain that amount of auxiliary equipment that the Americans use. In addition, the doctrine of the "lotus petals", logistics, goals and objectives - all this is too different for the US Army and the former Soviet states.
Perhaps the British army looks much more like a good role model.

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