Your Matter in Balance.

By KilSkillz Sacue | Balance To Life | 5 Apr 2020


The balance to Life is the mind, body, soul, and matter. A balanced life consists of these four aspects of life. I've written a post on the other three and this one is on material. Yes, the spiritual, the mental, the physical, and the material balance to life is our way of life.

Read more in my book, The A. C. T. Balance to Life, which contemplates these four aspects of life as the balance to life. This is building your life with the earnings you make and protecting your life. Creating your life with your experiences. 

The physical world consist of our bodies and the material world is everything else that isn't Us and other life. We are masters of this world and we're given dominion over the material realm to create whatever we need to protect ourselves. Everyone everywhere needs food, clothes, and shelter.

I'm only writing this because it seems that many people have forgotten about the materialistic Realm and think that life is all about your soul, mind, and body. I say that's true and who we are, but that's who we are inside of a material world. So the balance is all four aspects together, not just the three.

I believe that many people make a giant mistake when it comes to life and thinking that matter / martial doesn't mean as much as mind, body, and soul. Being some type of Guru or spiritual advisor is nice. It's great to be in good shape, righteous, and to have your mind at top-notch performance levels. But, don't forget we live in the existence where we need food, clothes, and shelter to protect that very precious life.

The bottom line to this article is that building wealth is just as important as building your mind, body, and soul. We may not find a lot of material things that we need to help our spiritual side, but on the flip side we really seem to need material things to protect and build our body. Not to mention, we invent a lot of things to protect our body and advance our physical enhancements like books to read. 

With this in mind, let's look at a lot of ways to advance our wealth.

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KilSkillz Sacue
KilSkillz Sacue

I own where I blog about my hip hop music and life. I run e-commerce and build other things with my site. I've written movies scripts and I've published books. I write, make music and create.

Balance To Life
Balance To Life

This will be the knowledge of the absolute complete total balance to life for all humans. This info will help you put your like in balance. This is self-awareness, self-help, and all about loving yourself realistically.

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