Wind turbines can soon start powering individual homes

By Bala | Bala | 27 Aug 2022

I keep hearing about compact windmills for individual houses. We would have heard about windmills powering rice mills and water treatment plans and in some places, it also produces enough energy for the electricity grid as well. But recently I came to know that there are also compact will mills that can be used by individuals to power their homes.

The individual windmills start from 500 watt-hour capacity. Some of the popular ones are also 1 kWh capacity giving a good amount of energy for the house. I watched a video recently where someone had 3 kwh wind turbines at home and it would change directions based on the direction and flow of the wind. Maybe the implementation cost was a bit high but the efficiency was really very interesting to note. The sad thing is, that the energy sector is not doing enough advancements in this field. They are comfortable selling large-scale wind turbines to bigger clients and they don't care about creating a project for small business clients like household individuals who would use that to power their houses.



Though this is the case, I did hear that some companies have started doing this already. Considering the fact that these can produce a decent amount of energy every day, I'm sure this can be one of the hot business models to give a try. If these can be built in-house instead of imported from some other country, lots of money can be saved from logistics, and that way the end user will also get it for a cheap price.

Coastal regions will have great benefit

People who live in coastal regions will have some great benefits from this. Usually, it is quite common to have lots of wind around the coastal regions. These types of individual windmills can be used in coastal regions and especially to power homes in coastal regions. I don't know if this will be a compact cost-effective solution or not but I'm sure if this is manufactured on a large scale, this can be one good cost-effective solution to power the homes.

There is also another small drawback with wind turbines. Even if it is very small in size, there is a high possibility that it would require some amount of maintenance from us. It is made up of mechanical parts that will need some repair works down the line. Wind energy has this as one of the drawbacks compared to Solar energy. But if it is used in the right place this can be very efficient. If maintained well, this can also be a long-lasting solution.



This should be taken as an initiative by the government and should be sold to people who are ready to experiment with this technology. I'm sure there would be lots of people who want to power their house with wind turbines. I understand wind turbines can be very noisy and distracting to people but if it is built on a small level, there can be some exciting innovations to reduce the noise and also the efficiency of the turbines.

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