What will Hive pump bring us?

By Bala | Bala | 28 Nov 2021

Hive is one of the best things that this Blockchain world can have. We are going to be showered with lots of opportunities in the future. I have so much trust in Hive and that is why I have powered up lots of Hive and going to stay invested for at least another 5 years minimum. Many people are also deciding the same thing and even at the current price, I see many new investors coming to Hive. If we look at the ecosystem, we can easily say that Hive is still undervalued.

We have so many earning opportunities on Hive. One of the biggest things that Hive has is the community and people can also see what the community thinks and they can share their thought in the form of articles. Even though the blockchain started as a blogging platform, we are now a lot more than a blogging platform. Hive is now more like a decentralized framework on top of which any type of decentralized application can be built. Hive Engine and Splinterlands are some best examples.


What will this Hive Pump bring us?

Let's check out what opportunities and what changes this Hive pump will bring us. Being in Hive for close to 4 years now, I have seen several good times and bad times. I know the potential of this blockchain and how we can all grow together here. Just for the sake of the record, I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on what will happen if Hive pumps.

More attention

The first thing is that we will get more attention. When the price of Hive is going top and especially on exchanges where Hive is listed, it will get more attention. More people will want to know more about Hive and will start investing. I'm already thinking that people from other blockchains have already started investing and that could be one of the reasons why Hive is having a very good time.

More development opportunities

There are already many projects emerging on Hive. Instead of seeing this as just a blogging platform, people are also seeing this as a gaming platform and a place where smart media tokens can be created. That is how Hive Engine was created and splinterlands was created. With the capabilities of Hive Engine, we are also able to create and issue NFTs and Fungible tokens. This is already a great achievement. More popularity will bring more developers into Hive. There are already people working on new games and new concepts on top of Hive.

Post payout value will be very high

When Hive pumps, this is one good thing that would be happening. If we make a post and even though we get only the regular votes we usually get, the value will still be very high. The best example is to look at the trending page of Hive right now. There are articles that are over 300, 500, and even 1000$ worth. People will see their vote value increased because of the price of Hive. But the rewards issued in the form of Hive will be a little less comparatively. So quantity-wise, we may not be able to get so much of Hive but value-wise it will be good.

People who left Hive will come back

This usually happens every time there is a massive pump. As this is a community, we will be having lots of discord servers and many virtual meeting places. Neoxian city is also a virtual city on Hive. We will be able to see some old folks coming back to Hive once again after seeing the massive pump of Hive. People might have left Hive because it is not rewarding them properly but after Splinterlands had a very good time recently, many folks came back to Hive and started using this as their favorite gaming platform.

Apart from all the above, I think Hive is capable of binging lots of other unknown fortunes as well if the price pumps hard. In one of my posts @nathanmars commented saying that he wanted to see Hive reach 2$ before the end of the year but more sugar to his mouth, we had a massive pump and Hive reached an All-Time High of over 3$ and it is standing pretty stable above 2$ which is really great. I also wish the crypto situation in India gets smooth so that we can all enjoy this crypto world without any hindrances from the real world.

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