Want to reach a total of 5 BCH tokens

By Bala | Bala | 21 May 2022

I started my journey on Noise cash and Read cash about a year ago or maybe it is already more than a year. Ever since I joined, I have been enjoying my journey. I have been able to share my thoughts on Noise cash and post my articles on Read cash and it is also giving better views and rewards as well. I think it is definitely good to be a part of the Read Cash and Noise Cash community.

In the last few months, we did not see any big updates from the Noise Cash team but the rewards are flowing so it looks like it is business as usual so there is nothing to worry about. The engagement on my posts on Read Cash and Noise cash is pretty good. Even though I find it a little hard to spend too much time there, I'm happy that at least I'm able to spend some amount of time every day there.

As of now, I have reached a total of 2.69 BCH from posting rewards. This includes both Noise cash as well as Read cash platforms. I also spent some money from this for paying some of my bills. So excluding that this is my balance right now.


I would like to see this reach 5 BCH before the end of this year. I'm planning to have this as a goal for myself like how I have 50k Hive power as a goal for towards the end of this year. I guess both these are sensible goals and I should be able to reach these goals without any problem. I will continue to do what I have been doing right now and hopefully, it should be sufficient to work towards reaching the goal. It can be a little hard to add more time from my end for these goals. But I do think that I can increase my engagement a little bit on Noise cash whenever I'm free or available on my mobile.

The price of BCH tokens was really good. I saw it reach 1000$ per token during the bull market. When the price of Bitcoin was at its peak BCH was also doing good. Many people thought that would be a good point to book some profits and I saw people selling their BCH. But I did not sell my BCH and I held it tight. My thoughts are for the long term and not planning to do anything for short-term gains. If the price of BCH goes back to 1000 $ per coin in the future I might get tempted to sell something but definitely not all my holdings. I want this to be with me for at least another 5 years. I don't know if BCH will make me rich or not but I'm sure it is a good decoration for my portfolio. If you are on Read Cash and Noise cash do follow me. If you are not there, below are my referral links feel free to join the platform and have some fun.



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