Some positive vibes from Splinterlands

By Bala | Bala | 4 Sep 2020

For the past few days, I have been observing some positive vibrations from the Splinterlands game. Recently they introduced Dice which is the new set of cards and the Dice packs are now available for sale. I have not purchased any packs yet as I'm not a big fan of purchasing packs and opening them. If I need some cards I directly go to the market and purchase them from the market. I personally feel that it is more profitable than trying to get cards by opening packs.

Maybe it is my own perspective where luck did not favor me very well in the past and I have received similar feedback from some of my friends as well. I don't know if Dice was a good move by the team or not but more cards and more liquidity of cards are not going to be a great thing for the existing cards as the supply increases and the demand reduces. I'm not going to go deep into that topic because I feel I don't have enough experience to comment on that but overall it is a simple principle that revolves around demand and supply.

Coming back to the topic, today I felt some positive vibrations from the Splinterlands game. There are two reasons for the same.

Some attractive changes in the UI

I have always felt that a good gaming interface always attracts players. As a developer, I always used to think that, even though we have some attractive data in the backend, the way it is displayed to the users matters a lot and people also love stats so much especially when it comes to gaming. I'm glad that the team is working on making the gaming experience better in the mobile device and recently I also found that they had introduced new changes in the UI.


I guess the development team has come up with the UI changes that look good on mobile devices as well. Previously when viewed in the non-mobile look, the game components would not look good from a mobile device. I mean when viewed in the desktop mode. With the new changes in place, I guess it would look a lot better on mobile devices.

DEC price is looking good

As it stands now the price is going over 0.00255. Maybe the reason is because of the fall in the price of Hive but I'm not sure. I did not want to lose this opportunity so, I sold some of the DEC that I had in my collection for around 0.0024 yesterday. It was not an intentional dump but I wanted to sell them long back and I'm also trying to do some trading. As the FOMO for Lands is still there, I don't want to miss out on any opportunities so, I have again placed a buy order for a little lower price.


I guess the game team is trying to keep the price of DEC a little stable in spite of lots of dumping happening. Many people are leaving the game and the dumping is huge in terms of DEC as well as cards. I personally feel that the game team should also control the price of some of the cards in the market along with what they are already doing for DEC. May the supply of some of the cards can be reduced to contain the price. From what I see, some cards are even being traded below 0.01 $ which is the lowest price set by the market user interface.




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