Some common things that happen during bear markets

By Bala | Bala | 18 Feb 2024

A bear market is something that happens once in a while. Usually, this happens once in a few years. Understanding the bear market is important and staying patient is very important too. Bear market is when many people start losing hope and many things can go slower than expected and many projects might close off and go. It is very hard to stay motivated during a bear market and keep going. Sometimes it can even be a situation where many people have to work without any pay. People will continue to work because they might have had enough payments from the past for them to trust and continue. Most of the projects will have hopes for Bull markets and the fortune it can bring back.


People lose interest in crypto

During a bull market, it is very common to lose interest. We might have all the enthusiasm during a bull market but when the bear market hits and if we don't have enough money to invest, it can be very hard. For people who have enough money to invest back, it may not be a big deal. People usually look for profits from crypto. They don't straight away understand the bull and bear market trends. Sometimes people even look for short-term profits and if it doesn't happen then, people gradually lose interest in crypto.

Coins losing listing on Exchanges

Many exchanges start de-listing some of the coins that are not performing well. When usually a bull market starts, there can be some new coins performing very well. After seeing a coin performing well, many exchanges would be interested in listing that particular coin. But during the bear market, it can be quite the opposite. There will be very small hope and many coins might start going out of exchanges where the exchanges might have to start taking the tough decision to de-list them.

Projects doing rug pulls

We cannot say that all the projects would be fair players during a bear market. It is widespread that during a bad market, many projects may not have enough funds to fund their project. Some projects might think that this is the right time to take away the money and close off the project. There will be no notice or intimation and the initial investors or project owners would close off their deals and go away with the money. Rug pulls can be very common during bear markets due to a lack of resources.


Game development would stagnate

If there is no proper funding game development would usually stagnate. The other reason is that during the bear market, there is not enough growth in the game and there would not be enough investors or enough new players. The game may not have any revenue stream and it can be hard for the game to continue development. In these cases if there are a few games that have a different plan to handle their funds might be able to survive but such self-sustaining games are only a few. When the market starts blooming again, there is a high chance that these games might get their funding back and they would be able to continue developing the game.

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