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By Bala | Bala | 22 Feb 2024

People often compare Hive rewards as an airdrop for engagement. Other blockchains are familiar with the team airdrop and they allocate the funds accordingly for airdrops and staking rewards. Most of the chains have some inflation set for these types of activities on the chain based on the token. On Hive things are a bit different and that's what helps Hive stay more attractive than other blockchains.

We can keep comparing Hive with many other blockchains and discuss the advantages Hive has. I would like to discuss some of the basic simple features we have on Hive that become our selling point for us.


No transaction fees

Most of the top blockchains charge a huge amount of coins for doing a transaction. These transaction fees that are collected go to the node operators. Similar to Hive we have a rewarding model for node operators but that doesn't come from the transaction fees but instead through the inflation which is pretty much fixed.

This is one of the biggest selling points for Hive but not everyone is familiar with this. People start with Bitcoin and Ethereum and later when it becomes very costly, they will end up looking for alternative blockchains or just continue to use these costlier blockchains. This is where Hive is very important because it can easily provide a great experience without having any transaction fees.

All data on chain

There are a few second layers on Hive but most of the data is stored directly on the blockchain itself. This is the biggest advantage. Later if we would like to build a game or something, having all the data on the chain will become both a boon and a bane. Blockchain is nothing but a chain where data is stored in a different structure. With the help of this feature, people can build games and have a second-layer blockchain or second-layer application that is specific only to that particular app.

Content monetization

Content monetization is available on Hive. Only recently some other platforms too have started monetizing their content. With Hive, if people create articles and if they are of decent quality, rewards are given for the content. This is how monetization works on Hive. Many people including me write almost every single day.

No censorship alternative for centralized social media sites

We know so many competitive social media sites are out there. Hive is also a social media with so many advantages we have. On other social media sites, we can create almost any type of content. It is also possible to create low-quality content or plagiarised content. But on Hive there are restrictions in place that would prevent people from doing that. If people continue to share abusive content, their posts might get hidden. Some people might ask how this is different from the regular social media platforms that do the same thing which is censorship.

Here the advantage is that, if someone is trying to share their view on something or talk about something, even if the frontends decide to hide such content, there is always another alternative UI available that can display those values. The data can also be directly queried from the blockchain.

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