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By Bala | Bala | 11 Oct 2022

Today was the Hard Fork on Hive. Nobody would believe it if we say that Hard Fork was really smooth with absolutely no issues. During the time of Hard Fork, I was stuck in an office meeting. Some of the Hive nodes were down closely monitoring the activities. This created a huge impact on the Hive Engine nodes. Many Hive Engine nodes had to fall back and started missing blocks. The issue was that most of the Hive nodes were done. The below website shows the status of the Hive public nodes.


If you look at the above screenshot some of the nodes are still catching up. They are either catching up or they are being upgraded. Hopefully, things should settle down soon. Talking about the Hard Fork, I think this is one of the most important Hard Forks for Hive. Usually, Hard Forks happen once a year on Hive with some important features. There are several articles online that explain what went live in this HF. I'm not going to talk about any of those in my article.

People who run their witness nodes can also follow some of the guidelines specified by other witnesses to upgrade the witness nodes to HF26. I upgraded my witness node to HF26 yesterday and so far it is looking good. The next year is going to be an important year for all of us in this ecosystem. Some of the games under development on Hive would be completed and ready. This can even attract players from the outside world.

RC delegations are the new feature that is attracting every individual here. People don't really have to delegate their HP to someone. Instead just delegating RC should be sufficient. I'm not sure yet how it would work and it is a bit confusing for me to imagine how it would be working but I trust the team would have done a good job in analyzing all the possible scenarios in which people would try and break the system. This time testnet was also created and people started testing the HF26 code long before the HF date. This should have given room for the developers to test the new code and fix any issues.

I'm still not sure what impact this would bring on my apps. I have all my apps working fine. I don't see any problem right now. I might have to do some updates to Kanibot which I would do in the coming days. Otherwise, my other apps are all working fine.

People were sad when was taken down and when it was announced that it would take nearly 24 hours to start working again. It would have been great if the upgrade was done without any downtime. Whenever is down, people end up doing manual curations to make use of the voting power. Otherwise, it would stay at 100% most of the time. That's how dependent we are on I'm hoping things should get back to normal in the coming days. There shouldn't be any big surprises that would make someone exploit the chain or halt the chain. Let's hope for the best.

I have some automation services and voting services done for some of my clients here. All those services are working smoothly without any downtime. There might be a need to do some minor updates here and there but nothing should be of high priority.

Happy Hard Forking day to everyone!!

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