Powered up 4000 Hive today

By Bala | Bala | 1 Jun 2023

We are stepping into a new month again with lots of new opportunities to explore. Every first day of the month is called a Hive power-up day. Many Hive users participate in the HPUD celebration by powering up Hive. I'm very happy and glad to power up 4000 Hive today. There are so many opportunities to earn on Hive and having a decent Hive power is one great opportunity. This gives us ways to earn decent curation rewards on Hive.

We can also show our dedication towards Hive with the help of power-ups. So far, I have been continuously powering up Hive for the past few years. I have not powered down so far. This is a great thing I would say. Since the beginning of this month, I have been doing big power-ups. This month was the highest so far. The reason why I was able to do a massive power-up this month was because of liquidating my HBD in savings. When many people are still trying to increase their HBD in savings, I thought it would be a good opportunity to buy Hive and focus on my goal of reaching 100k Hive power. I did not power up everything though and have been waiting for the right opportunity to sell some Hive when the price of Hive improves.

Though this data can be extracted as a report from Hive directly, I have been maintaining my power-up data for the past 4 years. Compared to all the previous years, I think I have been doing more power-ups this year. There are still a few more months to go and if I keep this momentum going, I should be able to complete my goal of reaching 100k Hive power. Again yeah this month I was able to do a big power but not sure I would be able to do such massive power-ups every month. But let's hope for the best I would say.

This power-up brings my Hive Power to 70k now. Last month when I was writing my power-up article, my Hive power was 64k and now this is a great growth. Another 30k more to complete my goals for the year. It looks like on average I would need 5k Hive powered up on my account every month to reach the goal.

The data from the above graph looks pretty much the same as the previous month. I like this data representation and it gives a great feeling to see how the account is growing. Today not just author rewards and curation rewards, there are several other ways in which we can earn on Hive. But always Author rewards and curation rewards are the most popular way to earn on Hive.

The above is my second account on Hive that gives me witness earning rewards and HBD savings rewards. The HBD savings rewards should have drastically reduced because I have withdrawn most of the HBD from savings already. The witness earnings are pretty decent to cover the server costs. Ever since I took the HBD out of the savings and bought Hive out of it, the price of Hive has not improved much. I remember buying Hive only at 40 cents and now the price is close to 34 cents.

If you like what I'm doing on Hive, you can vote me as a witness with the links below.

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