My thoughts on Polycub and why I'm just observing

By Bala | Bala | 10 Mar 2022

Polycub has been the hottest topic everywhere on Hive for the last week. Many people who are always fond of DeFi stuff are investing a lot. Nearly a year back when CUB was introduced I was so excited and the very first thing that came to mind was to explore the possibilities of the DeFi universe and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to invest and stay invested. I saw articles from many people about how they grew their portfolio by investing in DeFi.

Back then I initially used to think that Leo was one token that was sufficient and why would the team come up with a new coin altogether. But those were the days I knew nothing about DeFi and even now I don't know if I know enough or not. I was thinking CUB was great because the APR was very good and in addition to that the price of CUB was also far better than LEO at that point.


I got excited and bought CUB tokens when the price was over 4$. But the price started dropping gradually and I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or I bought them when the price was high or maybe I did not book my profits properly. These were some questions that were continuously coming to mind. Ultimately the price of CUB ended below 40 cents and I didn't lose hope and bought some more CUB tokens cheaper and used them on kingdoms. I now have close to 1k CUB tokens staked in kingdoms.

But when Polycub was introduced, I'm now skeptical after seeing the price go down every day. I now wonder why would the team keep introducing new coins every year and not do anything big for old tokens. I'm sure they have some concrete plans for each token they introduce but still, the question comes to my mind, and not sure how many other people have the same thoughts. There are projects that started but were never completed and there were a few exciting plans that were announced but did not progress much after that. I still wonder why would they come up with new tokens every year instead of increasing the value of any existing tokens.

I understand the fact that we are exploring new blockchains and gaining more attention in the DeFi world but still wondering if it is helping the full ecosystem grow or just filling the pockets of only a few. Even though I initially thought that I should invest a little bit in Polycub in addition to the Airdrop I was already received, I'm not skeptical and decided to just keep observing what happens. Many people share their success stories saying that they are getting lots of returns from their investments. But as the investor base increases the rewards will also go down further.

To be very honest, I would be very happy if the Leofinance team stops introducing new tokens with this and start focusing on improving the value of the existing tokens. 3 tokens, for now, should be sufficient to run the show. Even in the future if they explore new chains, the existing coins should be used instead of creating new tokens. This is just my humble thought from someone who did not understand all these very well.

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