My Publish0x stats - Monthly report

By Bala | Bala | 31 Jan 2023

I have started sharing my Publish0x blogging stats for the past few months. I always prefer projecting stats because those are very important to get motivation in what we are doing. I personally see statistics as very important for self-assessment as well. On the last date of the month I share my Publish0x stats. I compare it with the previous month and try to learn something from that and get motivated.

The good thing about Publish0x is that it provided a facility to take a look at our performance last month. This facility is not possible on Hive because we have multiple front ends so getting the number of views can be challenging because the views are spread across multiple frontends. Last month I realized that publish0x readers prefer topics that are related to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. General topics do not perform well on Publish0x.


Compared to last year I was able to grab more followers. Some of my articles performed really well and there was one fine day when I got full views on my article. You should be able to see that spike in the below image. Last month I had 587 followers in Publish0x and this month I'm happy to see that I have 619 followers. This month I guess the follower count grew very well and I'm sure I cannot expect the same every month but hopefully I should be able to reach a new milestone next month.

I understand that followers are important and at the same time the count doesn't really matter because there would even be users who are not very active. The follower count is important because they personally get notified when I write a new article and this increases the chance for an additional view and vote.


Compared to last month the stats look better. In terms of views, I guess last month had more views compared to this month but the earnings are good comparatively. It is one dollar higher than last month. Some people might think that it is not that much but I personally think that something is better than nothing and hopefully as my profile grows there should be good rewards because I'm not going to stop writing every day. I have been doing that for years and hopefully, I should be able to grab more readers and more revenue from Publish0x.

There have been instances in the past where the rewards were very poor but now things are looking a lot better and I'm happy to see the revenue increasing I should say that the rewards are better only in the last two months. I hope this keeps going on and on. One more thing I realized was that I don't vote much on other people's posts. The number of posts I personally curate has reduced. Maybe I should take some time to read more on Publish0x and curate some of the posts. At least the posts that my friends write or known people write should be curated by me. These are some of the thoughts I have been having lately.

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