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By Bala | Bala | 28 Feb 2023

Today is the last date of the month. This is when I review my publish0x stats and post a report. February is a small month. Though it is missing only 2 days, people still think it is a small month. If my rewards are going to be less this month, I'm going to keep that as an excuse for myself. Though my publish0x stats are not that great every month, I still think that it is worth checking and feed good about it. Compared to other blogging platforms, I'm sure publish0x is also a bit different and rewards the writers.


I usually compare my stats with the previous month. We can say that earning a decent amount from Hive or other blogging platforms is easy but on Publish0x, the earnings can be small but it definitely gives a great experience. They have also introduced a new way to earn through something called "Earn with Offerwall". This is a way to earn from Publish0x by completing offers and surveys. I tried a few times but it is not worth the time and some of the questions are very hard to answer. I couldn't make much from this, to be honest.

I was able to notice that whenever I write a crypto-related article, it has a very good reach. My other regular articles are not having a good reach I should say. Preferably people also like reading articles that talk about Ethereum or Bitcoin. This has been the hot topic here and some people have selected to write only on these hot topics. Most of my articles are usually about Hive and Hive-related projects. I wanted to continue writing on Hive because it is one of the most revenue-generating platforms.

Looks like my followers count has increased again. I noticed that whenever there is a good article that is having great views, I usually get some new followers. Last month it was 619 and this month it has increased to 644. This is the most interesting thing here. On Publish0x, I know how my articles are performing, and based on that I can choose my topics to write. Mostly crypto-related contents are the one that gives me more views.


Comparing the stats with last month looks like the earnings and likes are pretty much the same but the view has increased a little bit. I guess that could be because I have started writing a lot of crypto-related articles or finance-related articles.

I have been accumulating all the SPOT tokens. I usually don't like coins that are on Ethereum because of the huge gas fees. I thought I will keep it as it is for now because later if the team decides to get rid of the SPOT token, they might convert it to some other token and that can be a better thing. Another reason why I feel this way about the SPOT token is that I cannot sell it straight away. I have to move it to my Metamask and then do a uni swap if I want to. For other coins, I can directly take to the Kucoin exchange and do my stuff there.

If you like what I'm doing on Hive, you can vote me as a witness with the links below.

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