My Monthly Hive Stats - Powering up 100 Hive for HPUD

By Bala | Bala | 1 May 2022

Today is the fresh start for a new month. The hopes for new and bigger opportunities are very high. Last month was good but not very great in terms of growth. We had ups and downs with the Hive price but at the same time, it did give some opportunities to do trading. My recent swing trade did not go well and I'm still waiting for Hive to reach 1$ again to book my profits. I don't mind holding Hive long-term even if that doesn't happen anytime soon.

Today is the first date of the month and it is a tradition on Hive to power up some Hive today. As part of HPUD, I powered up 100 Hive to my account. My goal is to reach a minimum of 50k Hive power before the end of this year. There are still 7 more months to go and I'm confident that it should be a possibility if I push myself a little hard. In the last month, I did not do any new investments or even think about increasing my stake. But it was business as usual for me and I was able to write articles every single day except for yesterday due to ill health. The rewards were also pretty decent I believe and would continue to do the same in the coming months as well.


In spite of the fact that Hive price was going up and down, I'm glad that the rewards were pretty decent. Looks like I have made close to 150 $ in the form of curation rewards and close to 550$ in the form of author rewards. Today I also claimed my HBD rewards as well and it was also close to 100$. The rewards are pretty solid and the Hive Engine tokens are also giving some sort of revenue. DEC rewards for renting cards in Splinterlands market and Starbit rewards that. That also adds up to the total revenue earned every month. For now, I'm not calculating the DEC rewards and SPS rewards I earn because it is still being kept inside the game. I cash out my Starbits earnings and convert them to Hive to make use of them.

It looks like if I really want to cash out every month, I can cash out close to 750$ per month. But that's only the active income. I can say maybe only 15 percent of that income is a passive income. If I can somehow get close to 1000$ per month only as a passive income, I would be very happy but hopefully, it should happen somewhere in the next two years. I hope there are more opportunities in India and more crypto-related jobs and businesses in India for the technology to bloom.

In my last article, I mentioned that the price of Hive is staying high not giving an opportunity to do swing trades. But in the current situation, the price of Hive is staying low because globally many coins are low right now and I don't have a big amount of USDT left with me to make use of this opportunity to purchase low and sell high later. But yeah the market is always there. We can make use of the opportunity some other time.

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