My monthly HBD interest claiming day

My monthly HBD interest claiming day

By Bala | Bala | 15 Sep 2021

On the 15th of every month, I have decided to claim my HBD interest from my account. I started doing this activity from last month onwards. I keep the 1st of every month to invest in Hive in the form of power-up and the 15th of every month to invest in HBD by pushing some HBD to my savings. This will also automatically claim the pending interest as I'm doing a transaction on the savings account.

It appears that for around 500 HBD, I'm getting around 4 HBD as interest which is cool. The income from curation and author rewards is separate, if I can generate enough income from HBD in savings every month, I can easily diversify my earnings and soon reach financial independence.


When I'm doing such activities on Hive, it really excites me because every time I assess my financial growth here, it makes me feel that I'm getting closer to financial freedom. If this rate continues and if I can get even faster growth, I guess my financial goals in the real-life should be achieved sooner than what I anticipate.

I currently have 500 HBD in savings. I'm adding another 500 HBD now to make it 1000. I will continue to add as much as I can every month. Let's see how fast the HBD keeps going. I have to pay my server bills in another few days. So I will retain some HBD for that and save around 500 HBD this month.

Why is HBD investment a good choice?

After HF25, we got this nice feature where we get 10% returns for our HBD investment. HBD is also a stable coin now. People have started investing a lot in HBD now instead of investing in other projects and other investment options. I'm not saying that other options are bad but utilizing the 10% that HBD interest is giving is also very important. I don't think any of the decentralized options out there pay us 10% interest for our stable coin investment.

These are some of the reasons why I wanted to invest in HBD and why I will continue to do so in the coming months as well. Investing in Hive power is good but the price of Hive is unpredictable and that's one of the reasons why I wanted to have the funds in stable coin as well. Even if the whole market is down and I want to invest huge on something, it is not going to take more than 3 days to get my funds out and the value of HBD will also be stable and pegged to 1$.

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