My Hive Goals - Weekly progress report

By Bala | Bala | 30 Jan 2022

Another week has passed since I set my goals for the first quarter of the year. I should say that there was decent progress but I'm not very happy with the crypto situation. Even though a week has passed already since my last post on my Hive goals, cryptocurrencies are slow. In the last few days, they are showing some positive signs. But the market is totally unpredictable. Some of the top cryptocurrencies including BTC are now at an attractive price to purchase and hold for the long term.


I don't have any big intention to purchase any of the coins right now but I'm very glad that Hive is slowly recovering back. The price dropped close to 70 cents and now it is recovering back to touch 1 dollar mark. I hope my goal progress happens soon and I'm able to set some new goals for this quarter itself and a new set of goals for the next quarter.

30k Hive Power

This is one of the important goals on my list and that's why I describe this in detail in every weekly post. Even though we focus a little bit on several tokens on Hive Engine, it is important to hold a considerable amount of Hive Power. Not only because it gives us the opportunity to cast some of the governance votes but it is also because it is showing a good sign of growth and we can easily reach our financial goals if we have enough Hive with us.


The account growth was not very great compared to the last month but it was pretty steady. The author's rewards were reduced as the Hive price was also reduced. But the amount of Hive I was getting every week still appears to be the same or at least good. If this keeps going, I will have some motivation to continue posting every day. Last week was very good and I got close to 175 Hive in the last week but this week I had got only 134 Hive. Hope the rewards get better.

There is still one more day for Hive power up. I'm planning to do a decent power-up this time. I have been holding a lot of liquid hives expecting the price to go up so that I can sell but looks like it is not happening. At least if I power it up, I will be able to reach my goals faster than expected. That is the plan.

My progress report

Along with Hive power, I guess the other goals are also looking pretty decent. I was able to purchase BRO tokens from the market to take me close towards my Dragon status on The Man Cave discord server. I can still purchase the tokens in one short and enter the dragon's den immediately but I wanted to take it slow. I guess I should be able to complete it before this quarter.


I stopped using my LEO tokens for other purposes and started powering up all the LEO tokens I earn. I also delegate them to the @india-leo account to get a 100% curation reward share for my delegations. I also don't have any plans to purchase any CUB as of now. Towards the end of the Quarter, I will see how the requirement is and plan accordingly.

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