Mutual funds is the most preferred investment option for many people

By Bala | Bala | 29 Nov 2023

Many people consider doing some investment with the money they earn. Most of the time these investments are either risk-based or low-risk investments. Recently there has been a trend that Mutual funds have become the most preferable choice for many people. The main reason is that Mutual funds are considered to be a somewhat safe investment and it provides a decent return over the years.

Even though it is surprising to know that over 50% of people prefer to invest in mutual funds, it is also surprising to know that a major amount of people don't make any investments and keep their funds just like that in the savings account. This is a survey result from Bank Bazar.


Advantages that Mutual funds bring

There are several considerable advantages that mutual funds bring to the investors. That is one of the primary reasons why people prefer to invest in Mutual funds. Unlike stock market investments, mutual funds are comparatively safe because a financial manager is literally sitting and watching the funds and moving them to appropriate stocks as it affects many individuals who expect returns from Mutual funds. The investment is not only on stocks but it is also about purchasing bonds and even other investments too. Since it happens with the collective funds from different investors, it is called Mutual funds.

One of the biggest advantages that Mutual funds give is that it spreads out the investments in different things giving an opportunity to spread out the money on different things. This way the risk is also spread out and even if one doesn't perform well, there is always another investment that can pick up which makes it a diversified investment. The way the funds are managed is also through proven methods and also they are professionally handled making it a better investment compared to others.

There are also other parameters that can affect even the safest mutual fund investment. But those are unpredictable and when it usually happens the entire financial market would be under some crisis.


Reduced efforts

For the investors, they don't have to worry about the money. It becomes a preferable investment because the investors can deposit their money on some scheme and not worry about their investment. The percentage increase would be visible and they would feel happy about it. In other investments, there is a chance that people might have to follow up on what happened to their investment and sometimes they even have to manually manage their portfolio. The efforts are minimal compared to other investments.

I believe there is an internal mechanism where even the profits are split with the investors internally and that's why their investment value keeps increasing over time giving them great returns. The power of compounding can also be seen here at times. Sometimes some of the Mutual funds can be very cheap to enter, for some people, not all the stocks would be affordable. But with the help of Mutual funds, they would be holding even the costliest stock through the mutual funds with the support of multiple investors.

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