Importance of being physically active

By Bala | Bala | 12 Oct 2022

I wanted to share some thoughts on this topic because recently I had to take my cousin to hospital for some issue. The reason was that his SPO2 levels were not stable. It was way below 70 percent and his lungs were filled with lots of CO2. He was still managing with low levels of Oxygen. Obesity is one of their biggest problems for him. He did not have any other problems in the body.

In the last 2 years, his weight increased from 100kg to 160kg. I understand that this can happen to anyone but I guess everyone should wake up when they see their weight increasing over 100kg. Whoever it may be it is hard to do many things and stay active with an overweight body. The body will feel tired all the time and it will send the same signals to the mind as well.



COVID has done so many good things for some people and for some people it has done a lot of harm. I hear from some of my friends that they were able to get babies because they were able to spend a lot of time together during the lockdown. Though this is really the good part. There is also a dark side. Some people started getting health issues and especially gained more weight during COVID. Not being able to move from their place is one of the biggest reasons for this. They find it hard to be physically active and that in turn increases their body weight.

I'm really glad that the work-from-home culture is getting over and most companies have started calling their employees to the office. When people start going to the office, the commute itself gives a good mental strength and in addition to that, they get to see a lot of faces and interact with lots of people in the office. This acts as a great boost to the mind and gives a great lively feeling. Sitting at home and staring at our laptops for a long period of time is not going to help anyone.

People are now used to working from home culture and they don't find it interesting to go to the office. For some people going to the office is a relief and for some people continuing work from home is what is amusing. But with work-from-office culture, we are able to move physically and stay active.

My cousin had a serious issue and the doctor said that most of the organs in the body are literally soaking in water and he did not take any effort to reduce his weight. The doctor also said that he is very close to reaching Coma if he is not going to take care of his health. I would like to request everyone to do a lot of physical activities wherever possible. Spending so many hours in front of our laptops to earn the money and spending that money on our health is not wise.

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