Hard to get exchange listing if we are decentralized

By Bala | Bala | 7 Dec 2023

In general, to get an exchange listing, a single person or a company must be responsible. Otherwise, the option would be to be a decentralized cryptocurrency with a huge market cap and demand. That's what happens with the other native coins. There is no single point of contact but exchanges still list them. The reason is because the market cap is very high. In this article, we are going to be discussing how hard it can be to get an exchange listing for Hive. There was a discussion a few days back when Bittrex announced that they were going to be closing their operations. Many people started wondering what would happen if Binance stopped listing Hive.

For Hive we have a policy that we will not be getting any paid listing on exchanges. As Hive is a decentralized blockchain, there is no one single person who can be held accountable. Most of the exchanges are looking for a single point of contact when it comes to exchange listing. We cannot do that for Hive because there is no single owner.


Exchange listing is not an easy thing. There are so many parameters that an exchange expects from the project owners. Mostly for individual centralized projects, it can be easy to get an exchange listing. The reason is that they can spend money on getting the exchange listing. For a decentralized project we cannot spend money on exchange listing and mostly we look for organic ways to get the listing. Not many exchanges welcome that and we are lucky to have Binance and a few other top exchanges listing Hive. We need more exchange listings and there is no doubt about that but we have to also understand how hard it is to get the exchange listing.

Exchanges expect a single point of contact

Most of the time exchanges expect either a single person or a company but the challenge is that we are decentralized and there is no single company or person who is the owner of this chain. But most of the CEX's expectations are that and that is also one of the biggest reasons why we don't have enough exchange listings. Many native coins are very popular and in that case, a single point of contact is not expected most likely the exchange itself is one of the node operators and they try to understand how things work and they are in the party. For small coins with less market cap, they expect a single point of contact and they refuse the request even if it is requested.


Spending money for exchange listing

If it is an individual project, the best way to get an exchange listing is with the help of paying the money. It will not stop with just money alone but we might as well have to operate a market maker for the exchange and make it work for them. The returns the exchanges usually get from the day-to-day operations of a particular coin are very low. Especially with Hive, there is not enough liquidity. So the returns may not be that great. Hive is one good example to consider for this topic. There was a discussion and many people said that maybe we can use the funds from DAO to get the exchange listing. Currently, we are not in a position where we have to spend money to get the exchange listing done. We currently have enough exchanges where Hive is listed.

Maybe in the future for some reason Binance becomes unavailable or if they decide to delist Hive, then there will be a need for us to find some good exchanges to list Hive. Maybe at that point, it would be better to reconsider and make a proposal to pay the fees for the exchange listing. Otherwise, it is not currently a mandatory need to get an exchange listing for Hive.

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