Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive which one is better

By Bala | Bala | 26 May 2024

Currently, I'm using a Google One subscription to pay some money for the services. While doing so I was wondering if there are better alternatives than paying money to Google. I initially thought it would be better to find some free alternatives but then later thought that it was going to be a hassle then started using Google One itself because it was convenient and I was too lazy to move my files to some other services. It is also a painful activity to review the account and keep the storage space below 15 GB.


I did try and achive that and now my file size is only around 14 GB but still I have thought that the space will keep increasing no matter what I do and it is better to get some additional storage instead of maintaining multiple Google accounts. Today I read an interesting article that compared Google Drive with Microsoft Onedrive. I started confusing myself to understand which one was better and if I should be going for Microsoft 365 instead of Google Drive. Microsoft does give a lot of better features compared to Google but there are pros and cons on both sides. Some of the key highlighted features that Microsoft gives are as follows:

  • Sharable links have password protection and also an expiry date
  • Personal Vault facility available on One drive for sensitive files
  • Advanced PDF editing features on One Drive.
  • Support for biometrics on Android devices
  • Photo editing tools available on One Drive.

This article can look like it is biased towards Microsoft Onedrive instead of Google Drive but it is true that Microsoft provides the above features and it is a balance where Google also provides some features that might be missing in Microsoft. But overall when I read reviews, I found out that Microsoft was a better choice for everyone compared to Google. I have parked this for some time by keeping it in my action items. I'm going to explore this again and see if I have to stop using Google One and start paying for Microsoft to get these features. It may not be a great idea to have both of these services. At least I'm not that rich yet and I don't have that severe use case either.


Another point to be considered is that even though the above features are available on Microsoft Onedrive and can outrun Google Drive, one thought that came to my mind was to think and see if these features matter to me. I don't think I will be using all these exciting features that Microsoft has over Google Drive but someone keen on this might consider but I may not be interested in features that will not add any value to me personally.

From what I understood, storage alone is not the feature that we should be expecting these days. Storage can be provided by many such services and some offers can even be more attractive. The only thing that matters is the other features they can provide us and how useful those additional features are for us.

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