Fully loaded with stable coins for the next bear market to trade Hive

By Bala | Bala | 7 Apr 2022

Many people would be feeling sad about the bear market that is approaching but I'm a bit happy because only bear markets can come with opportunities. If the market is flat or always on an uptrend it will not be interesting and we will not be able to find any new opportunities there. Looking at the bear market, I'm able to sense some opportunities there. As the price of crypto falls, I would be willing to purchase some altcoins and wait for it to pump.

My first preference for trading would be Hive because most of the time it gives us good returns. Another biggest reason why I wanted to try my luck on Hive is that I'm very much used to this coin and I know when to enter and when to exit. Maybe my luck also favors me on Hive. I have not taken any serious risk so far in terms of Hive. Most of the time I trade with a very minimum value but it has worked out very well so far.


Fortunately, I did not use all my funds on any long-term investment. I still hold a decent amount of money in the form of a stable coin. I did push all my HBD holdings to Savings and that's not going to be my source of stable coins. I'm really very happy with the 12 percent interest HBD gives. I do have some USDT with me which I would be willing to use for purchasing Hive. I want the price of Hive to go down below 80 cents so that I can enter. Today already it had a massive dump and the price is below 97 cents. I still want the price to go further down and at 80 cents I'm getting in with all my funds. That will be a wonderful opportunity.

This time it can be a little tough to push the price below 80 cents I guess. People already know about this trend and they don't let the price of Hive go below 1$ already. Worst case it is very rare to see the price of Hive go below 90 cents. I might as well do a partial purchase at 90 cents and another big purchase when the price goes below 80 cents. I shouldn't get carried away by emotions and that's what I pray.

I anyways thought that it would be a good opportunity to power up Hive and use the Hive power long term. If this attempt to purchase Hive and sell becomes difficult, I would be happy to power it up and hold them for the long term. It is always good to watch the account grow and it is also anyways yielding a 10% APR in the form of curation rewards. Anyways it is a win-win situation. I really wish the luck favors me in trading and that's faster to grow the account that way instead of waiting long term with the Powered up Hive.

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