Focus on skills first and money will follow

By Bala | Bala | 20 May 2024

This year has been one of the dull years where there is not enough opening outside. People find it hard to switch jobs this year and I also heard that many companies try to reduce the headcount in their company. Only a few regular jobs flourish and especially IT business is not very great. Most companies try to increase their projects but would like to reduce the headcount.

In some companies, AI is also playing a very important role. Companies are trying to do some digital transformation and as part of that process, many people who are doing manual work are losing their jobs. It is like the AI or automation taking away manual tasks and people end up losing their job. This is one of the primary reasons why I think having enough skills is very important. Knowing a job and knowing how to do it may not be the only thing that would be required. The job can easily get automated and we might lose our job. But if we have a specific skill, especially a skill that cannot be replaced by bots, we will always have a great demand in the market.


Finding the right job

It is important to find the right job that is suitable for us. We shouldn't get stuck in a place that has no growth or no learning. In most of the jobs, people have to do creative things. If there is a place where there is no room for creativity then it means we are not contributing to that job. It is the right time to look for a job where our contribution is crucial and we are doing something innovative or creative in the job. Those types of jobs will always need human intervention and will hardly get replaced by the bots.

Demand for the right monitory compensation

People sit on the right job but they are not good negotiators. Companies usually don't pay the employees on their own. I mean they don't randomly increase the salary of someone on their own. In 80 percent of the companies, monetary compensation increases only on demand. We have to keep doing a self-analysis to see if we are being paid fair and based on the market standards. If we have a skill and if that skill is unique, we have to freedom to demand a good monetary compensation. There would be no limit on how much the skilled person can be paid. Picking such jobs is a good thing to demand better monetary compensation.

Never stop your learning

To grow, it is important that we have to keep learning. Doing a self-assessment and finding out what skills we have and what skills we will need for the future is very important. Based on the assessment if we keep learning, we will be able to survive in the market. Today people who are coming out of college are already equipped with a lot of knowledge. Someone who has been working in a company for nearly 10 years is not able to compete with their knowledge. This is one of the primary reasons why we have to keep learning and stay up to date with all the knowledge related to our jobs or skills.


Self-assessment every 6 months

Once in 6 months, we have to take our resume and see how many changes we can make to our resume. It doesn't mean that we have to remove anything and add something new but the important thing is to see how we have improved in the last 6 months and what additions we can make in the resume. By additions, it is not about adding something random but spending the time wisely so that we can get our skills upgraded and we can update our resume accordingly.

If we are well equipped with all the above things and keep ourselves up to date, we can move to better jobs if required with the right monetary compensation. This is the genuine way to increase the money flow we can get through our jobs.

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