Finding an earning opportunity in the crypto world

By Bala | Bala | 15 Jun 2024

Not everyone who enters the crypto world can shine here. People find it hard to identify a good source of income in the crypto world. Some people look for returns from their investments and some people want to spend some time and earn some decent returns for the time spent. That's also a possibility in the crypto world. We can say that it is still very new and has many opportunities available. Many people create projects in the crypto world and gain experience. With their mistakes and learning they make things better.

Games to play

Gaming is one of the biggest earning opportunities in the crypto space. A few nice games are available that can bring us some regular source of income. Splinterlands is one such game that started small and today it has a huge player base in crypto and it is still a profitable game one can play in the crypto space. Many people who seek for opportunities to earn in the crypto world reach Splinterlands and they start earning.


Opportunities to invest

There are many scam projects available. We have to learn the way to filter out scam projects and focus on good opportunities to invest. Some blockchains have a staking mechanism and they reward people who stake their tokens. We have something similar on Hive too and at the same time, we have to do all our research to learn more about an investment. People who have some money with them already and would like to invest that money to multiply it can also see some good places here.

I would say native coins are good where Bitcoin being the top one here. But at the same time, options like HBD in savings inside Hive a good because currently, it offers 20% APR to investors.

Consistent income is a problem

People cannot quit their real-world jobs thinking that cryptocurrencies can be fully rewarding for them or they can earn more than what they can earn in their day jobs. It is not going to happen. Maybe for some people, it can happen but for people who are thinking of making cryptocurrencies their primary income source should have a concrete plan and they have to invest in multiple things to receive a good source of income and consistent income.


Stick to one community and find opportunity there

Having exposure to multiple places is good but at the same time, we will not be able to spend enough time in both places. Spreading too thin is also not good for learning and earning in the crypto world. There are many opportunities available in the crypto world. Seeking is the biggest problem here. We will not be able to understand easily even if we step into a new project. It might look simple and interesting but it takes time to grasp the concepts. Taking some time inside a community and learning the opportunities is good compared to jumping between multiple communities and learning nothing.

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