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By Bala | Bala | 3 May 2024

Opportunities play a very important role in our growth in life. Opportunities may not be hitting us straight forward. We might have to look for one and sometimes we might even miss it despite having it in front of our eyes. It is tricky to have the right opportunity at the right time. Some wise people create their opportunities and keep growing. Opportunities are like path stones for us. We have to step on the right stone to move forward.

I have had instances where someone comes to me and talks about the opportunities they have missed in their life. I have also had similar experiences in my life. Sometimes I used to think that the opportunities that we miss may be a good deed for us. But we should know if it is a good one or not. Missing a good opportunity is not a good thing.


Don't wait for opportunities to come to you

It is hard to predict when we will be getting the right opportunity. We have to develop the right skills so that when opportunity hits us, we can grab them and grow. We shouldn't be waiting for the opportunities to come to us. We have to either have the skills or look for the right opportunity and grow our skills accordingly as per the demand. Some people waste their lives thinking that they might have to land in the right opportunity. I try to pick whatever comes to me. Sometimes it can be tiring or it can be a small one. I keep using the opportunity and in several instances, I have had some good experiences with the opportunity I have received.

Find opportunity in everything

There is no harm in finding opportunity in everything. People are usually choosy and they would like to pick only things that are suitable or comfortable for them. I usually try to find opportunities in everything. There is no harm in throwing a stone towards the tree. If we are lucky we might get a good mango from the tree. There is no harm even if we don't get anything in return. But seeking is very important and even if it is a small thing, we can pick it so that in the future it might get powerful and give us bigger opportunities. Sometimes the small projects that we do can be a good avenue to showcase so that we can attract bigger projects.


Plan your life accordingly so that you don't miss the opportunity when it comes

We have to be always prepared. Sometimes we will see the opportunity coming towards us and if we are not in a complete state, we might end up losing the opportunity. There can be instances when we may not be ready to accept the opportunity. Even if we miss something there shouldn't be any regrets. We either got lucky or it was a good learning experience for us.

Life can sometimes be very busy and we might keep going around the regular life cycle or duties. There will be opportunities in front of us but we might miss them intentionally or unintentionally. Having a cool head despite all our duties in life will help us take a look at the opportunities in our lives. Having a clear head can help us grab the right opportunity at the right time and we will never regret for doing so.

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