Can blockchain make tax collection easier and better

By Bala | Bala | 26 Dec 2022

I was wondering if we would be able to make our tax system better by any means. Maybe blockchain technology can be used to make things easier with tax collection. Along with tax collection, there can also be visibility created for the taxpayers. Even if we go 100% digital, the government will always be with us and we cannot fully mitigate taxes.

As a citizen of a country, we all will have to end up paying our taxes. One of the biggest advantages digitalization can bring us is to show how much tax is collected and where the tax money is going. This can be both a challenge as well as the best thing to implement. This way people would be happy to know where their tax money is going and they get motivated to pay their taxes.



Accepting tax through crypto

The government keeps saying that they are going to introduce CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency and they say this will solve the crypto problem we currently have in the country. I'm not sure about the other countries but at least in India, the government wants to introduce a centralized digital currency to accept and transact. There is still no clarity on what would happen to the other cryptocurrencies we have in the world. Maybe there can be a price mapping done otherwise we will not be able to maintain the price of CBDC in India alone and if it is not globalized, it is also hard to bring acceptance and we would also miss out on many opportunities.

Tax can be collected in cryptocurrencies. This way the data is global and we all will know that we are going to be tracked one person can be the judge for another person and if someone is cheating it would be evident. I'm not sure if the country would be willing to keep this data public but just a wild wish that it would be nice to see everything going public. There is a high possibility that people doing corrupt can also be easily found out with this and people would be afraid and also hesitant to do corruption.

Advantages in using Blockchain for tax collection

If we make use of Blockchains for tax collection, there are several advantages it can bring. The first thing is that we would be able to find out who is doing the payment and who is not doing the tax payment. Data visibility is very clear and we can easily build a report out of it. We can encrypt the data to some extent so that not all the information is public.



The transactions are secure, seamless, and scalable. This way it is also easy for the government to maintain the data. The data can also be validated either with multi-signature easily or with the help of encryption and decryption. The transaction speed is also another biggest advantage where people can do their payments easily with the digital currency itself. In addition to using blockchain only for payment, there can also be other income streams created for people who are investing in digital currency.

These are just my thoughts and ideas, I'm sure there can be a lot more practical difficulties. But good to give this a thought.

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