Are you buying Hive in this dip?

By Bala | Bala | 18 Apr 2022

The crypto markets once again turned red showing another dip. This keeps happening again and again providing enough opportunities to purchase the dip and wait for the good moment to book profits. People who are into trading can make use of this opportunity very well. They can buy some coins during the red market and sell them in the green market. Here is the story of my trading. From what I understand even for being successful with trading, we should also be lucky. This is a lesson I learned recently.

I personally thought this can be a good time to enter and purchase some well-known tokens and sell them when the market has recovered back. Hive is my first choice for this. Every time I think about doing a good trade, Hive is always my comfortable choice. The main reason is that I saw the price of Hive go below 85 cents which is a great price. Last week when there was a FOMO about 20% HBD interest, the price of Hive reached 1$ back again. I missed that opportunity waiting to purchase when the price hits 80 cents but it did not happen. This week again it appears to have gone down.



This time I was all set and ready and I had enough stable coins with me for this purpose. To not keep it idle I kept those coins in flexible DeFi savings on Binance. After I saw the price of Hive below 85 cents, I was so curious to go and purchase. This is where I got very unlucky. I clicked on Redeem button and closed the flexible DeFi savings for my USDT. Unfortunately, the funds did not reach my wallet immediately and it is still in redeeming state. I don't think it would reach my wallet anytime soon. I'm going to be having a tough time buying Hive for a good price.

I personally think that even 90 cents are a good price to enter. As always after I enter if the price goes further down, I'm happy to keep the funds as Hive Power and wait long term. But before I power up, I usually wait for some time to see if the price is going up. If the price goes up in short term, I usually book profits. If the investment value is very high, even a 10-cent increase in the price of Hive would make a huge difference and give a great profit. Today morning I saw the price of Hive at around 84 cents and now it is already around 88 cents. In another few hours, it can reach 90 cents and after that, all the fortune moments to purchase Hive would be already gone.

I'm not going to miss the next good opportunity to do a swing trade. I will wait and see till tomorrow and if things are still not favorable, I'm going to arrange some funds from other places to do my trading. This trading pattern is working really well for me and I don't want to miss it.

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