4 different types of fund allocation I do on Hive

By Bala | Bala | 7 Mar 2022

I recently decided that I should be having a proper pattern to manage my resources on Hive. Even though we earn enough from various platforms, it is important to make use of the earnings and put it to good use. So far, I did not take much to my real world and most of my earnings are on Hive. Today I decided that I should be managing my fund flow a little better inside Hive.

I noticed that the funds I earn from different sources should go into 4 different types of investments inside Hive. The first two types are quite familiar to everyone and I have also mentioned them in my articles in the past. The next two types are where I had to make some plans. Let's go through them one by one.


Hive Power

All the earnings I get from content creation and curation go as Hive Power and I did not do any power downs. I wanted to increase my Hive Power to at least a minimum of 50k before the end of the year. I'm going to be reaching 30k soon before the end of this month. If all goes well, in the next 5 years the Hive power that I accumulate should be able to give me enough passive income to survive. I also have great hopes on Hive price because it is one of the underrated blockchains. More than just a content creation platform, it is also transforming into a multi-purpose blockchain. Many gaming projects are emerging and for all that Hive is going to be the primary currency.


I'm attracted to this type of investment inside the Hive ecosystem for the fact that it gives a flat 12% interest for keeping the money in savings. As I'm comfortable with this ecosystem and I know for a fact that Hive is pretty decentralized, I'm happy to keep my stable coin investments as HBD. Whatever I earn from my content writing here goes inside HBD as well. I do use them for other purposes but I make sure I push at least some funds to the HBD savings so that I can make use of the 12 percent that I can get from HBD. There are a few more stable coin investments out there that I wanted to try but I'm a little hesitant because I'm not sure if all of them are decentralized and that's one of the primary reasons why I stick to HBD.

Trading funds

Allocation funds for the purpose of Trading are something that I have started doing recently. I heard some success stories from people where they started with 0 and even made a million from just trading. Trading is also a high-risk business and things can go very wrong if we are not confident. I mostly do trading only on coins that I know for sure and the ones that I trust the most. I know Hive Ecosystem very well and the potential of Hive. So most of the time I do trading on Hive.



There is a small problem here. If we have more funds with us, we will be able to get more returns. If the trading value is very small, the outcome will also be small. That's something we have to consider. If we allocate more funds for trading, we should also be ready for the high risk that would be involved. That's why we have to trade only on coins that we know the most.

Funds for diversification

Diversifying our portfolio is also very important. We shouldn't be having just one coin as our point of failure. That's something that I always wanted to do. After I got a decent stake in Hive, I started pushing some of the funds to other investment opportunities. Both inside Hive as well as outside Hive ecosystem. Some of my investments are doing good and some of them have gone down after I invested. But overall I think after a few years, it should have a decent value that I can be happy about. That's my intention. So, I allocate the funds towards other investments both inside the Hive ecosystem and outside the Hive ecosystem. I keep some funds as stable coins and jump in when it is the right time. Sometimes bad trading also becomes like a long-term investment too. I rarely book loss.

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