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#UplandPublish0x Newbie Advice for growing UPX

By BAJA | BAJA | 15 Feb 2021

I am going to focus on the best way for a new players to get the most from Upland and grow their UPX.  Especially, if you don't want to buy any additional UPX.  This will take longer - obviously - but will require no initial money investment.   

Fresno has properties but most of the collections tab is bought up.  Cheap to travel to but not economical in the long run.  Difficult to gain daily interest.    

Manhattan has properties but it is expensive to travel.  I would not spend any of my initial bankroll to fly there because then it is extremely difficult to buy a property. 

Stick with San Francisco - specifically the Outer Sunset area.  There are properties to buy initially for a relatively cheap price.  Stick with the light green - you can find plenty of properties.  Once your first property is bought - add it to the "newbie" collection.  You will get a UPX bonus, which you can collect  and the property will gain a larger interest.  Once you have three properties - add them to the Sunset collection for a bonus and additional interest.

While you travel around San Francisco - look for white arrows (they look like paper airplanes).  These allow you to send your explorer to a property for a fee.  If you have none - you cannot travel for 24 hours.  Look back at the black line where your explorer has been - touch the arrows along the line to pick up.  You don't need the arrows to travel to your own properties. 

Use the arrows to find treasure under the "Treasures" tab.  The blue classic treasure will reset for free every 24 hours and pays a minimum of 240 UPX.  I have received a 3000 UPX treasure once.  As long as your travels don't cost more than 240 UPX - you should be able to gain UPX if you find the treasure.  You only have 3 minutes so sometimes you are unable to find the treasure.

Upland is enjoyable to use.  I like the street aspect for a 360 degree view.  My 1960 Flower Power van is from a music collection and travel. 

My Upland name is SirRedd.  My referral link is R.UPLAND.ME/2MKA


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